LG Will Reveal a Dual Screen V50 ThinQ Smartphone at IFA Germany

While both Samsung and Huawei fine-tune their foldable phones, LG has gone ahead with a more economical idea with the V50 ThinQ (pictured above) using a case to add a second screen.

The company will officially unveil the second screen attachment at the IFA 2019 on September 6th in Germany.

LG revealed its plans for the V50 ThinQ with a video done up like an 8-bit video game that crosses over from one screen to another.

This addition to the V50 ThinQ isn’t exactly a surprise, as LG’s mobile exec Brian Kwon told media earlier this year:

We have reviewed releasing the foldable smartphone when launching our 5G smartphone but decided not to produce it.

It seems that it is too soon for LG to launch a full-fledged foldable phone, especially when the company is having a hard time earning a profit for its mobile division.

This idea could end up backfiring as there’s not much of a use-case for a dual-screen smartphone, especially when it uses much more power and doesn’t offer much utility.

It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out once LG launches at IFA 2019.