Xiaomi Launches a New and Improved Mijia Air Purifier 3

Xiaomi has updated its Mijia air purifier, which now covers a larger area than before.

Made in collaboration with Mijia and SmartMi technology, this air purifier is the third addition to Xiaomi’s air purifier lineup which was first launched in 2014.

The new purifier is the exact same size as the previous version, but it’s capable of cleaning a larger volume of air. It is designed to output more air volume, capable of cleaning 6660L of air per minute.

Its air duct system has been optimized even more allowing it to cover an area of 48 sq.m up from 37 sq.m on the Mijia Air Purifier 2.

It still has the OLED display screen from previous generations which provides indoor air data (temperature, humidity, real-time PM2.5 value), operating status, network connection status, and other information. The only difference is that it now has buttons on top of the display surrounded by LED rings that indicate the indoor air quality.

It has a micro-sized laser particle sensor that can detect micron-sized particles in the air and can point out air quality changes in real-time.

Regardless of improvements, the noise and power consumption of the Mijia Air Purifier is incredibly low. The maximum power consumption of the device is only 38W. The running noise of the device is just 32.1dB(A), which means you can easily sleep at night with the purifier on.

The Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3 will be launched on August 16 with a retail price of $127.

Via GizmoChina