Honor Launches a Gamepad For Smartphones With a Built-In Powerbank

Yesterday at Gamescom 2019, Honor took the stage and made some gaming-related announcements. The company unveiled its own Gamepad for android devices.

It is a controller for Smartphones that can charge the device while gaming. It connects to the phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, the USB Type C cable is for charging the device. It is packed with a 4000 mAh power battery to help your phone last through intense gaming sessions. It can even draw power from your phone if it runs out of battery.

It has a 4 directional D-pad, a joystick, a shoulder button on the top left, and an extra button at the bottom.  The Honor Gamepad is compatible with most games and the buttons can be remapped if required.

The size of the gamepad is adjustable so it can fit almost any Smartphone and not only the ones made by Honor. However since it can only charge through a USB Type C port, older smartphones with MicroUSB ports will be out of luck once the Gamepad runs out of charge.

Honor hasn’t said anything about pricing and availability yet, but we’re hoping to hear more on that soon.