Zong CMPAK Conducts Pakistan’s First Successful 5G Trials

Zong, China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak), has become the first Pakistani telco to successfully conduct 5G trials in Pakistan. Being a pioneer of mobile internet connectivity in Pakistan, Zong CMPAK is spearheading the digital innovation with the first successful 5G trial on the nation’s Independence Day.

As a consequence of this successful 5G trial, Zong is harbingering a new digital revolution in the country and is putting Pakistan on the elite list of countries which have successfully conducted 5G trials.

Zong’s technological prowess brings the new era of digital future close for its valued customers.

Pioneering 4G in Pakistan, Zong CMPak is the market leader with more than 11,000 4G cell sites and largest 4G subscriber-base. Delivering many firsts in the Pakistani telecom industry – the first to launch 4G in Pakistan, first to cross the prolific mark of 11,000+ 4G towers and the first to reach the more 13 million 4G customers mark and first to conduct successful 5G trial-  the company is partaking its role in building the digital future of Pakistan.

Zong CMPAK has been at the forefront in technological innovation within the country and has unveiled a glimpse into the future to deliver on its promise of best-in-class services to meet the communication needs of the millions of Pakistanis.

“We are excited to announce that, today, Zong CMPAK has successfully conducted trials on its 5G network and has become the first and only network to do so. We are committed in our resolve to provide our customers with state-of-the-art communication and digital experience. Through our successful 5G trials, we just gave a glimpse of how the future of mobile connectivity will unfold and Pakistan will soon start to experience, “said Wang Hua, Chairman, and CEO, Zong 4G.

He continued, “We just brought future closer and opened an array of infinite possibilities for our valued customers”

The successful 5G trial is a testament to Zong’s commitment to provide its customers access to the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced solutions available globally. The company has always led the introduction of new technologies in Pakistan and today the company, once again proven, that 5G will not be an exception.

      • Bhaijan apka tameez se baat karne me kuch chala jaega?

        Vo ye nahi keh rahay k 4G down hai. 4G ki speed down ki baat ho rahi hai jo k sahi baat hai. Khas tor par baray shehron main jaisa k Karachi, Lahore etc. Me 2 saal se Zong MBB use kar raha hoon shuru me speed bauhat achi thi, minimum 10mbps aati thi. Ajkal din me mushkil se 2-4mbps ati hai, aur shaam me to is se b low ho jati hai. Zong ko chahiye k apnay 4G par b dehan de aur phir 5G ki batain karay.

    • we are also facing the same speed down problem and it is due to large customer shifted from other networks to Zong

  • ZONG 4G ki speed achi hai lekin package ache nahi itni speed ka kia fayda? Limited Data woh bhi itna expensive

    • Agreed. Especially the test conditions (line of sight or not, mobile or not). Also need to see the data rate and range achieved (with single user and multiple users).

  • We need to welcome technology revolution with world race instead of argument. Up and down is the part of life.

    • I’m delighted with your positive/optimistic view is technology in beta trails, for which the nation is rewarded, as our nation is providing volunteers unpaid for beta trails earlier 4G which boat sailed with the drowning of several accidents but sailed now. Now the beta trail is conducted for 5G. Zong should first strengthen the FTTH sector of PTCL Gigabyte Passive Optical Network GPON in Karachi to strengthen the GPon in the city of technology craze, ICT. This will provide a very stable network of FTTH from Zone 5G which the PTCL failed to provide.

  • Congratulations! ZONG
    We are very excited to use the Internet with ZONG 5G High Speed
    Or Zong 4G ki speed itni achi hai PESHAWAR mai
    To 5G ki to very Fast

  • It would be good if Zong have shared the results and the mentioned the geographic size of the testing conducted.

  • Is this actual news or paid advertisement? Seems that providing any actual data related to 5G results only congulatory messgaes were printed as provided by Zong. If correct than this a big news and should be acknowldged by the government. At the same time, instead of getting in litigation with Telenor or Jazz on license renewal fees, govt should provide a timeline for auctioning 5G spectrum to become a pioneer in the region on this technology.

  • Honorable Chairman/CEO Mr. Wang Hua CM Pak with one of the early concessionaires for 4G accession in Pakistan followed by other licensees. With the future closer, openeing an array infinite possibilities for valued customers opening an array of infinite possibilities for valued customers.
    Sir compliments on early launch of 5G being one of the 1st 4G customer I will endorse the opinion of the Zong 4G users in Pakistan, which are self explanatory. I suggest to please consider the reality of 4G as Pakistan is your best customer and be treated in all fairness, sincerity. Please review the comments of Zong User which will be your 5G prospects including myself. Pakistan providing lobbying back ground in the world for 4G, and 5G under your auspicious. Pakistan is the most sincere nation to the country and Zong 4G despite the QOS stated by the customers. I will continue to support and expect the quality of service will be as per reccomendations of ITU.

  • A market gimmick and nothing else……1st deliver best 4G services like Ufone and then think about 5G

  • So Pakistan is the FIRST country of south east Asia to have TESTED 5G.
    btw why didn’t ZONG/China TESTED the same at China first? Anybody knows? :)

  • Zong is fine in my area ( kallar sayedan). I got 89 Mbps on 4g, better than UK speeds. Does not work at all inside giga mall though.

  • Congz zong were’re happy to hear that but we dunno the results hhhhhhh tell us also the results

  • Let me explain something to you guys as I have lived in the USA and UK when it comes to varying speeds in areas. At my house in Washington DC with 4G speeds I got 23 MBPS but 2 min down the road it was 13 MBPS. Speeds are based on how many people in a certain area are on the network. You can get a mobile hotspot or home wifi device and switch between channels. Zong, Jazz, ufone, and every PK company have 3 different channels they use that go thru channels 1-11

    For example: 108 people in the same 15 km range on channel 1-5= 12 MBPS

    216 people in the same km range on channel 6-10= 6 MBPS

    18 people in the same km range on channel 11=36 MBPS.

    I suggest getting a wifi device. Downloading the app so you can set it to 4G ONLY and leaving it outside away from rain and not outside over 30° Celsius. Then download ANY free WiFi analysis app and it will tell you which channel has the least amount of people on it. Switch to the channel between 1, 6, and 11 that has the least amount of people on it and BAM! Watch your speeds increase.

    Jazz is what I use and they have a home router and I used their 4G wifi device as well. There are roughly 15 people always in my 5 km village always on wifi. If I remain on the channel with them, with the wifi device, I get 23 MBPS/10 MBPS upload. With the home router which has 3 antennas as opposed to 1 in the Wi-Fi device, I get 69 Mbps download/30 download. When I switch to the channel no one is on because they don’t know this trick, my speeds go to 60 download/25 upload with the wifi device and 134 download/82 upload. Try this.

  • Been using ZONG services from 2008 and still satisfied – the speed is always good and connectivity never fails :)

    I use Super Card package (650) which offers 2.5 GB normal data and 2GB WhatsApp which is enough for me to work out with over a month’s period – baqi calls or sms to milta hi ha.

    Overall speed mere pas 4G pe usually 13 se 36 Mbps aati ha.

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