Govt Wants to Introduce Duty-Free Import of Electric Cars

The Ministry of Climate Change is mulling over an amendment that will allow electric vehicles to be imported duty-free under the proposed Electric Vehicle Policy. The local automakers have heavily criticized this scheme, calling it an attempt to kill the industry.

Interestingly, the climate change ministry has exceeded its mandate in preparing the draft copy of the Electric Vehicle Policy, as the auto industry falls under the purview of the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industries and Production.

The policy will be discussed in the next cabinet meeting for approval. The Climate Change ministry had published the draft on its website before this but had to take it down after objections from Ministry of Industries.

Sources say that the Climate Change ministry was told to stay out of the auto sector by the Industries ministry but that didn’t stop the Climate Change ministry as they continued to work on the policy.

The Ministry of Climate Change wants to allow electric cars to be imported duty-free as they are expensive and making them duty-free would help make these cars commercially viable.

However, the idea has come under fire from the domestic industry, which says that it would negatively impact the local industry and lead to thousands becoming unemployed.

Local production is already quite low due to lower orders from customers. Officials have pointed out that other than the engines of both fuel-operated and electric-operated cars the rest of the parts are same.

There are also concerns that the auto part industry would suffer if the importers started selling electric car parts in the country.

Creating a Market for Electric Cars

Last Month, Malik Amin Aslam, Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change met with Ali Asghar Jamali of Indus Motor Company to discuss the electric vehicle policy.

Malik Amin underlined the government’s commitment to creating a market for electric cars in the country. He was of the view that a new auto policy should be formulated as the Auto Industry Development Policy 2016-21 wasn’t the fit for electric vehicles.

In response to this, Ali Asghar suggested that the local industry should be encouraged to manufacture electric cars instead of importing completely built units (CBUs) of electric cars.

  • In Pakistan this would be an incredibly brave move. The chances of it happening are slim. Our leaders are anything but brave.

    • The rules of common sense does’t apply when it comes to polices of Pakistani GOVT. Instead of using strong arm and pushing auto manufacturer to produce cheap local cars they want us to import electric cars in a country already failing to meet its electric needs.

      • Local Car Assemblers only producing Teen Dabba Cars are at exorbitantly high prices and not worth. This is good move by Government of Pakistan and need pat on the back. Keep it up.

    • Strange to see no proper intelligence for humans but scientists are developing Artificial Intelligence!


    • I feely pitty on your ignorance. Now Electric Car Battery Chargers available which runs on Solar Energy. so no difference.

  • The Ministry of Climate Change is true, and knows what they talk and what they should do. January 2020 Tokyo Olympics, happening. No auto/motor vehicle operating on gasoline, diesel will be allowed by the Olympic Sectt., Tokyo. Toyota revised its plan. But it works under TTK (Toyoda Tsusho Kaisha) the trading arm of Toyota Motor Corporation, which strictly adheres to Climate Change.
    In the 1st Qt., 2019 I have received a report from WHO/UN, Geneva for extreme pollution in Karachi. Recommended abolition of cars, motor cycles in Karachi. EV, Hybrid cars, buses be operated in Karachi. Bicycle Track be developed in Karachi to save the city from pollution. Policies for EV, Hybrid, for local assembly be intimated to PAMA to strictly follow. Existing cars on petrol should upgrade the auto by a hybrid kit for conversion the car to battery operation rather petrol.
    I hail the Ministry of Climate Change for the Challenges which Pakistan has. You may read the editorial of Dawn 1st September, 2019. Toyota Corolla a member of PAMA an affiliate of JAMA has not exported a single car to the Middle East, China or any other country as PAMA non compliant to QC/Road Safety UN/WHO to clear the Customs clearance of Road Safety compliance of Pakistani assembled car. The bilateral treaty of Pakistan for auto export could possibly be for Middle East, China which the Commerce Ministry should support the sector to get rid of the surplus inventory. Public transport of Pakistan should immediately be on EV/Hybrid.

  • “The local automakers have heavily criticized this scheme, calling it an attempt to kill the industry.”

    Well, would they rather kill the planet, and their families along with it, or would they rather suffer some minor losses?

  • Local manufactures should consider what crap they are giving at extremely high cost to local public, Their are high in cost and very low in standards and options if compared to same models in other countries. They are looting money in name of industry’s survival.

  • About time these ‘local manufacturers’ are dealt for what they actually are; scumbag, greedy rascals. While the Govts have been moronish with totally useless policies, these local manufacturers too have just resorted to milking the masses. How many of them have actually introduced their hybrid models? Forget about safety and other features. Electric cars are good but what sense it makes in a country where electricity production itself is through fossil fuels. Its a zero sum game. No positive impact on environment this way.

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  • بہت اچھے اگر ایسا ہوجائے تو پاکستان تیل پر انحصار کم کردے گا اور زر مبادلہ بچے گا اور ویسے بھی تیل پیدا کرنے والے ممالک میں جنگ کا ماحول بن رہا ہے کسی بھی وقت تیل کی رسد ختم ہوسکتی ہے

    • اچھا کیسے ہوگا؟
      پاکستان تو بجلی بھی تیل سے بناتا ہے، اکثر و بیشتر اور اس کا الگ سے بل میں ایڈجیسمنٹ کی صورت میں پیسے بھی لیتے ہیں۔

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