Students Protest Against Comical NUMS & NTS Errors in Admission Tests

Poor management of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) for this year’s admission test has infuriated aspiring candidates who have launched a protest against the varsity.

Social media platforms, especially Twitter, is rife with the posts bashing NUMS for poor management of the entry test.

Candidates were found complaining about the use of cheap quality paper, third-class printing, poor test timing, and pathetic management. The wrong test key has further brought students on their heels.

Students are demanding a re-conduct of the entry test, claiming that the key uploaded by the National Testing Service (NTS) was wrong.

Here are a few examples:

The testing service made some pointless blunders while issuing test slips to the students. Here is a video showing how male candidates’ sheet had female candidates’ pictures on them.

Reportedly, the testing service has uploaded four different keys to the test paper so far, all of them failing to match. Feeling the heat of the protest, NTS has now issued a new schedule for redressal of the students’ concerns.

NTS has deputed a team of Subject Matter Experts for the redressal of issues/queries raised by the candidates… We regret any inconvenience caused to the candidates and their families.

It has issued the following schedule according to which provisional result will be announced on 8th September; queries will be accepted till 12th September while the final result will be announced the next morning on 13th.

  • thanks propakistani for highlighting this issue,
    my sister gave the nts/nums entry test and i would rather call nts the national testing Sh**
    i can’t believe that the higher ups are not paying any attention to the future of the young generation.they are basically playing with their future.

  • In my booklet there were only 150 mcq. No one listened me. Paper was pink.
    I immediately written to NUMS but no response yet

  • I am so happy that u guys highlighted this issue.I went to Dera Ismail Khan for the test and I can’t even explain that the management was so much poor.No water no sitting area for the people with the students.I was with my brother and he waited for me about 4 hrs outside the centre.I met a girl from Mianwali , she came with her grandfather and whole time that old citizen was standing outside in hot weather.NTS test fee is 3000 and management is just shit n nothing.I request authorities to take action.

  • Smajh nhe ata akhir kon kon sey tareeqey apply kiyejaen gey Pakistan k mustaqbil ko barbaad krney k. Hd hai yaar bs kardain plz mazeed khailna bnd krdain hmarey bachon k mustaqbil s khailna bnd karen plz

  • Students who are getting 90 percentage are not even getting admissions Tu Baki Tu bas khudi Soch ke aein agay. Ya Tu medical colleges bna dein ya merit Kam krein.

  • NTS management was poor poor invigilation cheap paper wrong answer keys printing mistakes wrong diagrams

  • I gave nums mdcat this year but didn’t get question booklet in the end. Examiners took my blue booklet back. So how am I supposed to know if there is a problem with anything related to final result. Could anyone plz guide me

  • Test duration written on the test copy was 180 minutes . And many students were not informed about correction that actual time was 150 minutes. Many questions were grammatically wrong. Physics was totally out of syllabus except a few questions. And no one is here to listen to these problems of students. Thanks NUMS and NTS for not being cautious and just. You people will be answerable to Allah for this. Remember!!

  • Hey,,,how to complaint or query if i dont have the question paper…can someone plz provide me white question paper?

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