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Here’s How is Making Real Estate Investment Easier for Overseas Pakistanis

According to Asian Development Bank, Pakistan ranks among the region’s five major recipients of foreign remittances. The country annually receives around $21 billion from its diaspora of 10 million working in different regions of the world. Credible sources reveal that $10-12 (half of the workers’ remittances) go to the real estate sector, and this may not see any decrease in the near future.

On the other hand, more than 45% of the under trial civil cases in the country’s lower and apex courts are related to real estate disputes. According to Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Overseas Pakistanis Commission, Association of Overseas Pakistanis, and other diaspora welfare organizations, lack of investment & transactional transparency and security in the real estate sector are the biggest problems overseas Pakistanis face when investing here.

Some of the biggest issues overseas Pakistanis face when they intend to purchase, sale, or rent out property back home include:

  • Outdated methods of property searching
  • A dearth of trusted and accurate information
  • Unverified, untrustworthy agents, owners and developers
  • Lack of options to choose from
  • No proper guidelines about policies, procedures and laws, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, was conceived by real estate entrepreneurs who themselves were diaspora members and had exhibited incredible professional expertise across various media and parts of the world. The philosophy behind was to develop a real estate service centre where the diaspora in particular could be ensured increased transactional and investment transparency and security through unprecedented user convenience. brings transparency, verification, user convenience, knowledge economy, awareness, innovation, and institutional support to the real estate sector, whose major beneficiaries are non-resident Pakistanis. Here is how is solving all the problems overseas Pakistanis face when investing back home!

Digitizing Property Searching – Technological Innovation

Globally, the real estate sector is in a process of complete transformation. Digitization, green building, big data analytics, virtual reality, 360-degree real estate touring, healthy workplaces and drone land surveying are some of the key features the sector showcases in the developed countries. has synthesized all the features and provided its overseas customers with complete exposure to the property market of Pakistan.

Real Estate 4.0

Keeping in view the growing number of web surfers, the real estate industry all over the world could no longer remain unaffected by the cyber revolution. made an entire world of property-related information available online to achieve two major milestones: one-stop-shop customer experience, and convenience of conducting business for the diaspora.

Smart App and Portal

In addition to bringing forth thousands of property listings in just a click including a huge verified inventory of commercial property, plots, and residential houses for sale in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and nationwide, the portal now also offers updated comparative market analyses and automated valuation of a property (in process). The users get an estimation of the open market value of any property in any region.

The property portal is fed with enormous data (big data) collected from different and authentic sources, which it uses to provide end-users a comprehensive real estate system. Users view, review, compare and analyze this data before reaching any decision. The same is used by real estate agents to prepare personalized packages or offers for the clients based on available options and customers’ choices.

Position Intelligence Engine (PIE)

Another technology that plans to reproduce soon is Position Intelligence Engine (PIE). This technology, by using big data, helps in calculating how much footfall any building has at any point in time. This will allow overseas Pakistanis to make an informed decision before making any investment or subscribing to any other service.

Drone Land Surveying is utilizing drone technology for geographical mapping and property surveying. With drone land surveying, the property listings now offer more accurate, detailed and useful information. Their high-resolution sensors capture angular, three-dimensional, realistic and active data in every type of landscape. The usage is not only client-friendly but also saves substantial cost and labor for the real estate business, in addition to furnishing high-level quality.

Trusted and Accurate Information

One huge issue overseas Pakistanis face when searching, selling or buying property online is the lack of trusted and accurate information. This is where makes things easier for those sitting abroad but planning to invest back home.

Comfort and Transparency

Information on appears in the form of broad scale listings. These listings are exclusively prepared and presented to suit a variety of audience. Overseas Pakistanis can comfortably compare and choose their options without undergoing any physical survey of the property. Moreover, the modern technology that includes drone surveying, 3D visualisation and visual touring has made even the survey of any property extremely reliable and easy.

To avoid forgery or fraud, verifies listings before they are advertised. Furthermore, qualified agents are readily available to look through any query during the buying and selling process.

Analysis, Advice and Tools conducts research to extract data from different markets and areas and offer comparable information. The comparative cost of any property, its future value, customers’ trends, market inclinations, and useful commentary on any investment are some of the topics that discusses for the awareness and better use of all.

Similarly, apart from buying and selling, the portal assists in deciding financial investments, home décor, life styling, and most importantly, gaining knowledge about many things.

Additionally, it provides different tools to sales agents and customers for market valuation and analysis, rate calculation etc.

Verification and Accuracy

One of the biggest worries for overseas Pakistanis is the fact that they might have to invest in a property without actually seeing or visiting it. This also means that they won’t be able to verify the information and confirm the legitimacy of the transaction when they’re residing thousands of miles away.

The Listings maintains the accuracy of every piece of information and listing provided through a series of strenuous checks and verification processes. Every property listing is verified by an in-house research team before it is uploaded to the website. It is also ensured that every property listing is unique; other property portals face the issue of duplication, where multiple listings are available for the same property. ensures that is not the case. Moreover, all the details of listings are continuously updated to maintain relevance and accuracy.

Agents and Developers

Moreover, the agents and developers of the property are verified as well. This means that even from the comfort of your home, you can rest assured that the project you are looking at comes from a verified and reliable developer. The agents featured on the website also go through a screening process, and only trustworthy and reliable agents are featured.

More Options to Choose From

Relying on other people for information, or going the old-fashioned way of property searching only complicates things, especially if you are an overseas Pakistani. What you need are unlimited options and convenience, and that is exactly what brings to you.

Ease of Usage and Convenience provides an extremely user-friendly interface which makes transacting with property easy and comfortable. A detailed inventory is placed with every listing so all the relevant information is provided to you at one place. There are also very detailed descriptions of not just the projects, but the areas surrounding them and the investment opportunities you should be looking out for. High-resolution multimedia videos and images accompany the listings and information to give you an accurate idea of the project you are interested in. The search options are easy, and provide the option of multiple filters to make property searching easier, and crisper. The detailed contact details of relevant dealers are provided with every listing so you can contact any time you want for information or queries.

Ensuring Quality User Experience, with its property portal and other information provision services like news, blogs, reports and the forum, ensures that the users experience the highest quality of service from the comfort of their homes, no matter where they are around the world. The website and application are continuously updated, and new features are added to ensure that stays ahead in providing its overseas audience with the best services ever.

Policy, Procedure and Laws

Policies, procedures, laws and bylaws, all keep changing and evolving with time. To successfully carry out a profitable property transaction, it is important for you to stay up-to-date with current procedures and policies in Pakistan. provides all such information on its platform so that overseas Pakistanis have a handy guide to every step of the way.


With the advent of the internet, real estate has become everybody’s business these days. Reliable sources state that online access to properties and deal closures has increased considerably over the last few years. carries firsthand information about any property anywhere. Moreover, by using modern advertising techniques, it sends notifications and updates about lucrative investment opportunities to the diaspora members through every available medium.

Knowledge Economy and Awareness not just facilitates the actual property transaction, it helps you out by providing you all the information regarding the real estate sector you can ever need. The Graana Blog provides daily real estate, economy and current affairs related news, which are updated regularly. If you are an overseas Pakistani looking to get an idea of what exactly is happening back home in the property sector, this is where you should come. The blogs cover a variety of topics from construction tips and procedures, development guides, home and lifestyle articles, and legal information.

Staying Connected Back Home has truly revolutionized the real estate sector in Pakistan. Not only has it made property searching, buying, selling and renting easier for those within the country, it has changed the landscape of investment in Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis.

With all the information they need at one place, and verified and accurate property listings to suit their needs, overseas Pakistanis are now finding investing in Pakistan easier than ever thanks to

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