Check Out Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha’s Official Unboxing

When you see the words “premium” and “smartphone” in the same sentence, there’s a certain type of device that comes to mind. Clad in glass and metal, the phone goes above and beyond your regular phone, with the best of specifications, display, cameras, etc..

However, calling Mi Mix Alpha a premium smartphone doesn’t do it justice. Xiaomi’s Mix lineup of concept phones is designed from the ground up to be unique.

The phone was recently unveiled at an event in China, with fans eagerly awaiting the release of the concept phone. Xiaomi has also released an official unboxing video for the phone, showing what you’ll get when you buy the Mi Mix Alpha.

Official Video

You can check it out below. Note that the official video has been uploaded onto YouTube by third party YouTubers.

What’s in The Box?

The original Mi Mix ushered in the era of the bezelless smartphone while the latest Mi Mix Alpha shows what’s possible if you disregard conventional smartphone design. From the pressure-sensitive buttons on the side to the accurate palm rejection, Xiaomi has implemented the (nearly) all-screen phone quite well.

Having said that, at the end of the day it’s still a phone at heart. You still need a regular charging brick (and a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle for headphones) and other relevant accessories. If you’re wondering what kind of cover would you need for this phone, Xiaomi includes one in the box for you.

In any case, it’s interesting to see what Xiaomi has in mind for the future of smartphones.

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