Here’s How Dawlance is Making Lives Easier With SYNC for Smart Home Appliances

Dawlance has been transforming houses into homes since 1980 with its range of household appliances.

Over the last three decades, the company has gone from producing refrigerators to everything from washing machines and vertical freezers to air conditioners and microwave ovens. Not only does the company have the largest dealer network in Pakistan, but it has also established the largest after-sales service network in Pakistan.

Stepping into the Future With SYNC

Now, Dawlance is stepping into the future with SYNC, the first-ever ‘smart’ home appliances solution in Pakistan.

The app, which is powered by Homewhiz, offers an ‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT) solution to connect major categories of home-appliances: Refrigerators, Split Inverters and Microwave Ovens.

With the help of this app, consumers can control their Dawlance SYNC enabled appliances through their phone from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

See how Saman Hayat Soomro is using Dawlance sync microwave in her daily life:

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Life is becoming tougher and tougher every single day but thanks to the Dawlance sync app.. life has been a little easier ;) Dawlance has gone a level further to ensure my house chores being done without my physical presence!! Whether its my microwave, AC or refrigerator. Everything is just ‘one click away’! What more do I need in life? Have you ever felt the need to just press a button and get all the work done? I feeeeel you guys!!! 🙈 Let me know in the comments below about the electronic item that you’d love operating through your phone. For me it has to be either my AC (turning it on before I arrive, so that my room is cooler) or my microwave (coming home to warm food) hehe ♥️ #Dawlance #ReliableHai #SyncMicrowave #EasyCooking #DawlanceSync #IoT #SmartAppliances #Pakistan

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Registering your appliance is an easy 8-step process which takes a few minutes.

While IoT appliances have been in the news for a while, this is the first time that a major appliance maker in Pakistan has taken a vital step towards introducing them in the country. With easy access through the app, people can now switch on their AC remotely and come home to a cool room, control their microwave oven for a piping hot meal and monitor energy consumption for their appliances.

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Here’s a short rundown of Dawlance SYNC devices and what you can do with them through the app.

Dawlance SYNC Microwaves

By SYNC-ing your Dawlance SYNC Microwave with the app, you can access it from anywhere.

Let’s say you want to reheat last night’s pizza when you arrive home – SYNC to the rescue. Place the leftovers in the microwave before you leave and just turn it on with the help of the app – perfectly reheated pizza awaits your arrival.

You can also use a nifty feature called the “built-in recipe cooking monitor” to customize each food item you reheat or even use it to cook food too. This is very useful for people who are uncomfortable around fires or kids who want to learn cooking.

Need to cut down on your utility bill? You can use SYNC to monitor your microwaves electricity usage and keep control of

Dawlance SYNC Refrigerators

That leftover biryani has your name written all over it but someone else in the family has an eye on it too. What better way to safeguard your food but with a Dawlance SYNC fridge? It brings you a nifty Door notification feature which will send you an alert whenever someone opens the fridge for longer than 5 minutes. All done remotely!

Just like the microwave, you can monitor the power consumption of the fridge as well with the help of the application and can use the quick cool mode of Refrigerator.

Dawlance SYNC Air Conditioners

The sweltering heat these days is enough to drain energy from anyone and with increasing electricity costs, ACs are a tough proposition. That’s why you need to get smart about it and here, Dawlance comes to the rescue yet again.

The SYNC app helps you monitor power consumption and even provides an hourly and monthly breakdown. If you’ve had a particularly rough day, you can remotely turn on your AC and come home to a perfectly cool room!

Be advised the application works on android version 4 and above. To stay updated with the latest smart appliances and other features, follow Dawlance’s official Facebook page by clicking here and subscribe to the YouTube channel for further details.

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