NTS & Other Testing Services Are Hubs of Loot & Plunder: IT Committee

The National Testing Service (NTS) and other testing services that conduct written tests for recruitments in different government departments have been dubbed as “hubs of loot and plunder” by the sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology.

The committee met under the chair of its Convenor Kalsoom Perveen and according to her:

These testing services like NTS are hubs of loot and plunder. They take hefty fees from candidates, most of whom belong to poor families, and take recruitment tests of different government departments. But the deserving candidates never qualify. These candidates appear again and again in the tests with a hope of getting government jobs which they never get. They pay heavy fees to the testing services that exploit the candidates as much as they can.

Elaborating on her point, she further added:

The lust of the testing services like NTS knows no bounds and there is no transparency at all. The NTS has been the centre-stage of serious controversies and scandals. It’s high time for the federal government to take these testing services to task and shut them down immediately, once and forever.

The committee recommended that a comprehensive mechanism should be established for recruitments in the federal and provincial government departments, with the active involvement of relevant ministries at the federal and provincial levels.

Most of the public and private sector recruitment is done through the testing and assessment services which are rampant in Pakistan.

  • Yes yes yes it ? true there feeses are 2500, 1500, 1000 and for most of the applications we don’t even get call test they loot us Rob us…..they should be shut immediately…..and assessment and test should be taken by hiring establishment free of cost and process of assessment should be transparent to government as well as to public

  • Agreed. I have submitted 3000 rupes in one week but they didnt call or text or email me for a test. Or i didn’t saw anything on NTS website regarding to my application

  • This is a big source to rob the people who already unemployed and depends on other. Usually good candidate can’t apply due to lack of sources & funds. It must be accountable and rationalize subject to vacancies. It’s the responsibility of state to monitor and control.

  • Everyone must read my short note on NTS/PTS after reading you will not say anything bad to these testing services.

  • There are many job portals already, owned by our government. The concerning people should focus on why don’t ppsc or fpsc conduct these tests? Why every other job opening is tendered to private testing service? They’re making “chay” of common people from the era of NTS starting days. Every other government launches its own job portal, these moron should understand that job portals don’t create jobs.

  • Agreed hum 2017 se nts gat subjective dey rahin Jo leken nts waaly har Baar ek jesy marks dety Hain or continually fail Kar rahy hain kbhi ek mark se be fail Kar dety Hain hum PhD k students Hain na koi job Hai or har Baar nts Ka 1500 Ka chalanphr TCS 2000 lag jaaty hain. Hamari degree nts ke wajh se issue Nahi ho skti eus ko band he Kar do Tu Acha Hoga.

    • if you are a phd Student then your written language must be clear. And TCS does not take 2000 for application delivering. it may be maximum 200 Rs

  • Agreed,i applied for the post of ASI,in ICT police and got 47 marks out of 70 but 2nd to me who had secured 45out of 70 is selected finally,for the post of ASI in ICT police.such result doesn’t look like fair result.despite, being a serving man in capital police from 2015 and have more marks they didn’t prefer me .

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  • Yes, Right but why only NTS? Almost all Testing services including PPSC, CTSPak, PTS also take heavy fees. So, take action against all Testing services who charge heavy fees.


  • Well thts really true. I m from khi n have already given 10,15 NTS but got almost the same marks everytime. And secondly it looks like tht i m the only one from khi when i look at my surroundings lol so i think this shud be banned and give certain city job to the candidate who belongs to tht city

  • I totally agreed on this NTS as a loot hub. Ive been trying from last three years giving tests either for Gat subject or other govt posts but none of them ive qualified. I ain’t be able to get admission for PhD because of this Nts thing. God knows how much I have spent my really hard earned money for giving such tests. There should be some serious action taken against them. They are just wasting the time of people who thinks that they can get a govt job or get enrolled in PhD. Seriously, I have lost my hope of getting a job in govt sector.

  • There must be a transparent mechanism for recruitment in Govt Services, but it is very fifficult in this era of nepotism.

  • Agreeed…. NTS candidates ko loot raha hy… R es ko r es jesy sb testing services ko ban kia jaye forever. Yeh candidates pe bht barra ehsan ho ga related departments ka.

  • I also became the latest victim of this fucking(NTS) corrupt system. I was expecting more than 80 plus scores in my requirement test of state bank of Pakistan for young professional induction program, but we severely came under the radar of NTS corruption.More or less, it’s the request of all most all candidates that the hiring for state bank of Pakistan shouldn’t be through fucking NTS. The previous test service was comparatively much better than this fucking NTS. State bank of Pakistan should have reconsider its requirement process.

  • Couldn’t agree more. My daughter appeared in the MDCAT sindh 2019. They allowed very less time to submit objections and did not rectify anything i.e. marking key where at least 3 Mcq’s had two correct answers, I sent the proof along with the objection form to no avail

  • Yes NTS is a hub of loot, I have given almost 40 plus tests for government job through NTS but I have not qualified anyone of these , I have given many tests of FPSC but still many of these results have not announced. All these testing services and agencies should be closed and conducted test through millitry

  • NTS and other testing services must banned immediately.because they all looting of poor peoples.getting huge amount of fee. Peoples r first waiting for roll numbers 2-3 months then after written test again waiting 4-5 months for results then for God knows who get interview letters.my daughter appear 10 time in different test services for same job test. But still not succesfull to get the interview letter.I spend lot of money in fees more then 10000 rupees except travelling and food ..because test center for from home city…

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