Pakistan Has More Researchers Per Million People Than India, Israel Tops the List

Research directly impacts a country’s development and growth. When it comes to researchers in the country, Pakistan has started making progress due to an increasing trend of publishing research papers at the university level.

According to the figures shared by the World Bank, Israel leads the world in terms of research. Israel has 8,250 researchers per million people of its citizens. Astonishingly, Israel has approximately 28 times the number of researchers as compared to Pakistan.

Pakistan ranks quite down in the list with 294 researchers per million people. It, however, beats India which currently produces 216 researchers per million people.

Below are the figures for some of the countries, which can help gauge Pakistan’s progress in research as compared to the rest of the world:

Country Researchers Per Million People
Israel 8,250
Sweden 7,153
Korea 7,113
Japan 5,210
Germany 4,893
Canada 4,552
Australia 4,539
Great Britain 4,430
The United States of America 4,313
France 4,307
Russia 2,979
Malaysia 2,274
Turkey 1,216
China 1,206
Brazil 881
Egypt 669
Pakistan 294
India 216
Nigeria 39

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