PM Imran Khan Vows to Synchronize the Whole Education System

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government is going to synchronize the entire education system to create social harmony in the country. He was speaking at a prize distribution ceremony among Madrassah students in Islamabad.

During his address on Wednesday, Khan said:

We are introducing reforms in the education system, to uplift the lower strata of the society with the provision of equal opportunities to progress.

He regretted that three different educational systems are running in the country, creating injustice and divisions in society.

To counter this situation, Khan said, the government is going to introduce a uniform curriculum to create equal opportunities for everyone. He hoped that the graduates of the new education system will be well-versed in religion, science, and technology.

PM Khan shed light on the glorious past of Muslims in the field of education. He mentioned how Muslims ruled the fields of science and arts before the downfall started.

Islam grilled into minds that without education, a society cannot progress. For 700 years, all top scientists were Muslims.

The premier maintained that the Britishers intentionally destroyed the education system of Muslims to plunge them into ignorance. He lamented that Muslims across the world are weak today due to a lack of education.

  • IK, pl don’t use religion for votes, keep your archaic thinking to Bani Gala. Only reform madressahs and dont bring more religion into our education system.

    • IK is bringing modern day knowledge like science and technology INTO religious institutions and NOT bringing religion into education system.
      Pls be fare while commenting.
      Secondly most of the students studying in these madarassas are less than 18 years of age. And most of students even dont have ID Cards either then from where you found that IK is doing all this for votes ????

      • Votes come from people who see IK giving new life to Zia ideolgy not necessarily from madressah students. It is always bad when Govts mess with religion. Religion is private domain.

    • You r absolutely right. I admire IK in most of the things he stands for and I support him but I have a fear that he’s drowning more n more in this religious and spiritual bog and I’m afraid he’ll end up ruining the already messed up education and moral system. :-(

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