The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Phone Goes Through a Torture Test

Asus is quite well known for making PC hardware and gaming peripherals. Their Republic of Gamers or ROG division specializes in making gaming devices, which recently started making smartphones as well.

Their latest smartphone, the Asus ROG Phone 2, is not only one of the best gaming smartphones out there but is also one of the most powerful and feature-rich smartphones of 2019.

Let’s find out if it’s also durable enough through Zack’s latest torture test.

Scratch Test

The phone went through the scratch test with the usual results, scratching with a level 6 pick with deeper grooves at level 7. Even with massive scratches with the level 7 pick, the optical under-display fingerprint sensor works just fine. The back is also covered with the same glass and is quite scratch resistant.

The sides of the phone are made from metal though.

For reference, the levels mentioned here are on Moh’s Hardness Scale, where materials are rated based on how hard/durable they are. As a general rule, material at a certain level on Moh’s scale can only be scratched by the same or harder material.

For example, a level 6 material can’t be scratched or damaged by a level 5 material, but it can be scratched by a level 6 or 7 material. Coins, keys and razor blades are ranked at level 5.

Gorilla Glass screens used in smartphones are usually level 6 whereas diamond, the hardest material, is a 10.

Burn and Bend Test

The 6.6-inch 1080p AMOLED display lasts about 30 seconds under a naked flame, with the pixels turning white. The display did manage to go back to normal quickly.

The phone shows a bit of flex when bent from both sides, but there were no cracks or permanent damage. The metal sides definitely played their part here, and the flex was only due to the side USB-C ports, which weaken the frame a little.

Overall, the Asus ROG Phone 2 passed the durability test with flying colors.