Consuldents Launches Industry Mentorship for Graduates in Pakistan

Have you heard of graduate students complaining about the lack of mentoring opportunities from top tier industry professionals? Well, that problem is now taken care of by Consuldents – which is becoming one of Pakistan’s biggest graduate student’s opportunities platforms.

With Consuldents’ new feature, industry professionals can sign up as volunteer mentors. Their profile will then show up along with their LinkedIn profile and their email address. If a graduate student thinks that an industry professional can help, they can get in touch with them on a wide variety of topics like what to study next, industry insights for a particular field, future prospects and general do’s and don’ts of career choices, etc.

The Founder and CEO of Consuldents, Khurram Lalani, who is also on the Prime Minister’s National Youth Council, believes that mentoring opportunities are mostly needed in far-flung areas of Pakistan, especially for universities like FATA university, Haripur university, etc. where access to a quality industrial network is rare. For those students, this will be a wonderful opportunity to broaden their network.

The Co-Founder and CTO of Consuldents, Shaan Khan encouraged industry professionals to sign up and volunteer for this cause to help the future of Pakistan.

We all know that out of 450,000 graduates produced annually, there remains a serious difference in the quality of graduates we produce and what the industry wants. With this initiative, we want industry experts to bridge this gap and help students to make prudent, realistic choices all along.

If you are an industry expert, willing to mentor Pakistani graduate students, then sign up here.

If you are a graduate student wanting to join Consuldents, you can sign up here.

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