Xiaomi Crowdfunds Smart Temperature-Controlled Mattress

Winter is right around the corner and Xiaomi seems to be well prepared to provide for it. After crowdfunding the Xiaomi Instant Electric Heater, the Chinese tech giant has now launched another smart heating product under the Youpin crowdfunding platform.

This time it is a gadget dubbed Chanitex Smart Temperature Controlled Mattress and it is ideal for keeping your bed warm on cold nights.

The Chaintex Smart Temperature Controlled Mattress is an intelligent thermal mattress cover that works differently from traditional electric blankets. The mattress uses a system of pipes through which hot water passes through at variable temperatures.

The mattress utilizes a heating box that serves to heat the water to the desired temperature and ultimately the mattress cover itself. The temperature can be varied between a minimum of 20C to a maximum of 60C. It can also help eliminate bed bugs with a success rate of 99%.

Safety is the highest priority for this mattress. It has up to twelve safety features to protect from leakage, water shortage, low temperatures or overheating. It can shut itself down if it hasn’t been monitored in 15 hours.

Additionally, the smart mattress can also be controlled through a Smartphone via the Mijia app, giving users the ability to change the temperature and various other settings.

The Xiaomi Chanitex Smart Warm Mattress is on the crowdfunding platform right now for $197. The product will start shipping on October 27.