Karachi to Get Early & Cooler Winters Than Usual

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has forecast an earlier and prolonged winter season for Karachi.

According to the Met Office, the northwest winds pressure (also known as pressure gradient) is currently high in the region, which may lead to long winters.

The Met official explained that the pressure gradient is currently present in the coastal areas of Balochistan. These winds may bring down the mercury in the port city earlier than expected.

The metropolitan city may welcome the cold season by mid-November this time and for a longer period.

As Karachi is a coastal city, its temperature remains moderate in both summers and winter. However, during the last couple of years, the adverse climate change effects have given the city its hottest summers in history.

  • The best time of year to visit Karachi for general outdoor tourist activities is from mid November to mid March, with a peak score in the first week of February.

  • Problem with Karachi weather is extreme variation. Yesterday it was 24 degree in the night but today it’s around 37 degree. Such variations combined with air pollution make ppl sick

  • Actually it’s a good news for a city like Karachi where heat and summer leave it’s adverse effects

  • Having lived and faced Islamabad winter it would be nice to move to Karachi during Nov_March to have a less cool compare to Islamabad but only problem in Karachi is Kachra and water issue.

  • This, by far, has been the best year for me in terms of weather. Seldom have we had this much rain spread out through out summer and now we’ll have a prolonged winter… Awesome

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