Samar Minallah Leads Girls’ Right Awareness With Truck Art

The Ministry of Human Rights intervention has captivated stakeholders with their “Truck Art for Awareness and Advocacy for the Rights of the Girl Child in Pakistan”. The initiative launched 20 painted trucks that will travel across Pakistan while raising awareness about the girls’ rights in Pakistan.

Samar Minallah Leading The Initiative

“The brightly painted trucks through Pakistan’s indigenous truck art support us in creating awareness as well as amplifying a message to begin advocacy from within the grassroots of Pakistan from the remotest of areas. The biggest achievement of this intervention is that Truck owners, Truck drivers and Truck artists own this initiative,” says Samar Minallah (Anthropologist/ Pioneer of the Truck Art for Awareness intervention in Pakistan.

Truck Drivers & Artists Join Together To Create Art

Truck artist, Tahir Hayat, along with a truck workshop owner, extended their cooperation in regards to playing a vital role in convincing other truck drivers to change their truck paintings. Tahir Hayat added the finishing touches on the truck as he painted a very important message:

Let me study, I will brighten the future

Truck owners, drivers and various artists pose with the beautifully painted trucks on the 25th International Day of Girl Child. The event was held on 11th October by the Ministry of Human, Huqooq-e-Pakistan Programme and the government of Pakistan in collaboration with the European Union. The occasion was celebrated at Lok Virsa, Islamabad.

Several notable figures attended the awareness event including Federal Minister Dr. Shireen Mazari and actress/Goodwill Ambassador Mehwish Hayat.

“Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan stands tall for upholding all constitutionally enshrined rights of the girl child,” Dr Shireen Mazari.

The New Form of Raising Awareness

‘Truck art’ is the new form of moving billboards in Pakistan that has become very popular. A cultural element, truck art is being used to spread awareness about girls’ education and their rights.

  • Today’s girls are tomorrow’s executive head of families. They can produce well talented family members.

    The real progress of society depends only upon the girls education.

    Come on little angles.. make the world into paradise.

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