CNG Inspection & Repair Workshops to be Set Up Across Punjab

In order to curb the increasing number of incidents due to unchecked compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders in vehicles that burst at random, the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) is establishing gas-kit installation and testing workspaces at multiple CNG stations across Punjab.

Ghiasuddin Paracha, APCNGA Chairman said that no CNG cylinder has ever imploded in a vehicle. He added that, “CNG is lighter than air and owing to the higher pressure of the emitting gases, the gas rises and sets ablaze but a cylinder does not explode.”

He added that due to the ban on CNG; multiple stations stopped operating due to which people are unable to get their CNG kits repaired. This led to cars that are using LPG which increases the risk of an explosion and currently, no government authority has collected data on gas cylinder related explosions in passenger vehicles.

According to data available with emergency helpline services from September 2018 to September 2019, there have been 9,069 explosions due to gas leakage from LPG cylinders, while 1,033 incidents occurred after substandard CNG cylinders exploded.

Ghiasuddin Paracha revealed that due to an increase in these incidents, the APCNGA has decided to set up workshops across Punjab.

He added, “Although a number of workshops have already been set up, approval from the Hydro-Carbon Development Institute Pakistan (HDIP) for the workshops is currently being sought.”