Road Prince Increases Prices of Its Bikes for November 2019

Due to the prevailing economic conditions and the decrease in sales of motorbikes, Road Prince has hiked its prices for this month.

The new rates are effective from 1st November 2019. Below is a list of all the new prices:

ModelRetail Price
(Exclusive of Sales Tax)
Sales Tax @17%Retail Price
(Inclusive of Sales Tax)
70CC Regular Motorcycle38,889.006,611.0045,500.00
70CC Passion Plus Motorcycle44,872.007,628.0052,500.00
70CC Classic41,453.007,047.0048,500.00
110CC Complete Motorcycle42,735.047,264.9650,000.00
110CC Complete Motorcycle43,589.747,410.2651,000.00
100CC Front Portion39,43.596,756.4146,500.00
100CC Front Portion (Alloy Rim)42,307.697,192.3149,500.00
110CC Front Portion40,170.946,829.0647,000.00
100CC Front Portion (Special Edition)42,735.047,264.9650,000.00
125CC Motorcycle64,957.2611,042.7476,000.00
Wego 150CC Motorcycle170,940.1729,059.83200,000.00
Robinson 150CC Motorcycle183,760.6831,239.32215,000.00
250CC Motorcycle-RX 3414,529.9170,470.09485,000.00

The company has not officially stated the reasons for the increase in prices but local dealers have commented stating that it is largely because of the devaluation factor.

Road Prince is not the only bike manufacturer to increase its prices with Atlas Honda also hiking the prices of its bikes.