Punjab Govt Bans Use of Mobile Phones in Schools & Colleges

The Punjab government has imposed a ban on the use of Mobile Phones on the premises of public and private educational institutions in the province.

The notification was issued earlier on Friday, directing the relevant authorities to enforce the ban to safeguard the young generation from the menace of drugs.

One of the reasons behind the ban was to bar the students from using social media inside the premises of educational institutes for kids aged under 16.

There have been increasing reports of drug usage among school and college students, which is a reason why the competent authority has decided to ban the use of Mobile phones.

Director Public Instruction Punjab, Zulfikar Ali Bhatti, further instructed the relevant officers to treat the matter as most urgent and ensure strict compliance.

Feature Writer

  • Digitalisation of Educationwould not mean the virus of Mobile Phone goes to the schools with social media. We have to live and let our generations live in the real world of reality. The mobile virus entering education negativity is kller, and should be considered for enforcement in Pakistan following the Province of Punjab. Thanks the Government of Punjab for the enforcement, from a native of Karachi.

  • lol itx not actually good…. shouldnt have applied this for college students. They need mobile phone sometimes in the college……..!

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