Citizens Share Videos & Pictures as Locust Swarms Invade Karachi

Karachi is under attack from locusts as citizens witnessed millions of locusts across the city on Monday morning.

A large number of insects were reported in the areas of Shah Faisal, Malir, Gadap Town, Bin Qasim, Korangi and Bilal Colony among others.

While some people defined the scenes as ‘horrifying’ and ‘scary’, others feared it could be a sign of an upcoming epidemic. Some even suggested to eat them away before it’s too late.

Reportedly, this is the second biggest attack on the port city since 1961, as experts believe that the invasion is due to recent weather changes.

According to an expert, heavy rains in Sindh and Balochistan during the monsoon season forced locusts to move from the coasts of Balochistan.

This is the third major invasion this year; the first two stayed in the planes of Sindh and Balochistan and destroyed the crops. Farmers of Dadu, Sanghar, Nawabshah complained that expired pesticides had worsened the situation.

Here is how the Karachiites are responding to the locust threat: