Pakistan Loses 9% of its GDP to Climate Change and Air Pollution: Malik Amin

Prime Minister’s adviser on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, says that Pakistan is facing major losses due to air pollution and climate change.

Amin said that these challenges are causing an annual loss of 9% to the GDP. A decade ago, climate change and air pollution incurred a 6% loss to the GDP.

Air pollution has reached unprecedented levels in Pakistan in recent years, accounting for 135,000 deaths annually. Moreover, in recent years, hazardous levels of smog have become a regular occurrence in major cities in Punjab, especially Lahore.

Clean and Green School Program

On Thursday, the federal government launched the Clean and Green School Program. The official ceremony was held at the Islamabad Model College for Girls F-6/2.

Under the initiative, more than 6,000 students and 900 teachers from 423 schools of Islamabad will be provided hygiene training. 400 schools in Islamabad have set up clean and green clubs with 10,000 students joining them.

Students can become a member of their school’s clean and green club by planting trees and properly disposing of solid waste.

On 25th November, Prime Minister Imran Khan will initiate the next stage of the Clean Green Pakistan campaign. Clean and Green School Program will be expanded to 30,000 schools all over Pakistan during the next stage.

Last year, PM Imran Khan launched a 5-year Clean Green Pakistan campaign in October.

Water Shortage and Pollution

Water pollution and shortage are the biggest challenges facing Pakistan after air pollution.

At the launch of the Clean and Green School Program, students presented their environment-related projects, with 70% of the projects focused on water conservation and treatment.

Amin Aslam appreciated the students for their efforts and dedication.

Our youth is aware of the environmental issues facing the country. The water conservation and chromium extraction from leather tanneries models are out of the box solutions to end water pollution and conserve depleting water resources.

United Nations International Children Fund (UNICEF) Chief of WASH Pakistan, Thewodros Mulugeta, was also present at the launch of the Clean Green School Program.