UET Students Launch Massive Protest Against Sudden Rs. 30,000 Fee Hike

Massive protests have erupted in various campuses of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) against a reportedly 100 percent increase in semester fees.

At the start of the new session in August this year, the varsity had announced a 20 percent increase in the tuition fee for undergraduate programs and a 100 percent increase for other amenities at its Lahore, Kala Shah Kaku, Rachna, and Narowal campuses.

A sudden increase of up to Rs. 30,000 per semester prompted students to launch a protest against the increment.

Instead of speaking with students’ federation to resolve the matter, the varsity administration rusticated six student leaders’ for six months, canceling the hostel allotment for four of them.

Resultantly, tens of hundreds of students are now protesting against the action of varsity administration.

The videos, circulating on the internet, show that a large number of students are marching towards the admin block with slogans of ‘We want justice.’


The university management says that the lack of funds from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has forced the administration to take this extreme measure.

HEC officials, on the other hand, blame the federal government for not releasing the funds allocated for varsities.

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