Redesigned Yamaha 125G Leaks Online Ahead of Official Launch in Pakistan

While the car makers in the country have been following each other in increasing the prices of their vehicles, the bike manufacturers have at least been updating the graphics on their bikes.

First, it was Honda which unveiled new graphics for its Pridor, and now it is Yamaha which has refreshed the looks for its YBR125G.

The company is expected to introduce the YBR125G on Wednesday, 27th November 2019 but a few pictures have been leaked online ahead of the launch event. As far as we can tell, nothing much has been done apart from the new graphics.

The new graphics seem to be inspired by off-road terrain and tire marks in a bid to give a more rugged appearance. Yamaha probably just wants to entice motorbike enthusiasts who like to go on long road trips.

There seems to be another change in the color scheme as well. The blue variant now boasts less black and more blue all over the curvy plastic body.

Apart from this, no visible changes can be seen to the bike as it will be showcased tomorrow; however, chances are this might change.

According to rumors, the YBR125G will be priced at Rs. 160,000.

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