Students Assault a College Teacher in Multan

On Sunday, a video of some youngsters ruthlessly beating a college teacher in Multan went viral on social media.

According to the Multan police, the incident occurred on the 1st of November. Muhammad Ijaz, the victim of the incident, lodged an FIR with the Cantt Police Station on 8th November.

The next day, Multan police arrested some suspects and produced them before the magistrate, Ijaz has already pardoned the suspects by submitting an affidavit in the court of the magistrate, said an officer working on the case.

However, Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, has taken notice of the video that went viral the past weekend. CM Punjab has directed the police to arrest the suspects involved in the incident and initiate legal proceedings against them.

How the Incident Unfolded?

According to Muhammad Ijaz, he is a teacher at a private college in Multan. A few days before the incident, a girl called him and requested extra assistance in Economics for a few days.

Citing lack of time due to his other commitments, Ijaz declined her request. However, the girl persisted and kept repeating the same request. On November 1st, Ijaz finally agreed to help her with her studies.

Ijaz called the girl and informed her that he has reached the given address, the girl asked the teacher to wait because her brother is coming to receive him.

However, three men reached the teacher on a motorcycle first. Hamza Khan, one of the attackers, said while pulling the unlucky teacher down from his bike that he had misbehaved with him at a musical show and that this is his way of settling the matter.

The young men attacked the helpless man with sticks and shoes. Ijaz kept begging for mercy by saying that he is a teacher and has never misbehaved with anyone.

Ijaz said that one of the young men was armed with a gun, which is why he did not retaliate. Moreover, the teacher has alleged that the attackers also snatched Rs. 20,000 from him. The assailants warned Ijaz of dire consequences if he reported the incident to the authorities. They also threatened to make his video public.

Ijaz says that he was coerced into submitting the affidavit for pardon in the court. However, he is relieved after the notice taken by the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

Via: Dawn