PM Imran to Inaugurate Pakistan’s First Science & Technology Park Next Week

The National University of Science & Technology (NUST) is all set to unveil Pakistan’s first Science & Technology Park next week.

In a glittering ceremony, Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the National Science & Technology Park (NSTP) on December 9, an official statement said.

An initiative of NUST and in line with the vision of our #PrimeMinister, the National Science & Technology Park is here to play its role in strengthening the national economy. It all starts on the 9th of December, 2019.

Hailed as the country’s largest innovation and research ecosystem, NSTP is located in H-12 Sector of the federal capital, Islamabad – in the vicinity of NUST.

The high-tech IT Park houses more than 40 companies, including start-ups, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and tech giants, and is still accepting applications.

According to the NUST statement, the project will serve as a launchpad for the country’s leading researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

It will be the most attractive location in the country to bring your research, development, and innovation endeavors.

About NSTP

NSTP – a flagship project of NUST – is Pakistan’s first university-hosted IT Park where genius minds will get to meet multinational companies to discover, ideate, create, and collaborate for ground-breaking innovations. The project will serve as a bridge between academia and the industry and will strengthen the country’s digital economy.

The initiative is directed at promoting the knowledge-based economy of Pakistan by nurturing innovation-led growth of high-tech entities. NSTP’s eight key thematic areas include Agriculture technology, automobile technology, education technology, energy technology, defense technology, finance technology, health technology, and smart technology. The varsity intends to add more areas in the coming years.

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