Another Leading Defense Aerospace Company Opens its First Office in Pakistan

Turkey’s leading defense giant, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has opened its first office in Pakistan at the country’s National Science & Technology Park.


This is one of Pakistan’s first technology park which is expected to make significant contributions to the country’s technological development.

“We are the first Turkish defense firm to open an office in Pakistan’s first technopark,” TAI Marketing and Communications Director Serdar Demir said in a statement to Anadolu Agency (AA).

The technopark was inaugurated by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who also visited the TAI office. “We informed the Pakistani prime minister about the cooperation opportunities and the projects that TAI aims to carry out in Pakistan. Turkey is one of the six countries to have an office in Pakistan’s first technopark,” Demir said, adding that the company will also assess cooperation opportunities with Pakistani universities.

Demir highlighted TAI’s deal to sell 30 T129 ATAK helicopters to Pakistan and the company’s aim to positively conclude the ongoing process. He noted that the firm is in negotiations with the country over other defense platforms.

TAI and Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense Production signed a deal last July to export 30 attack and reconnaissance helicopters. The Turkish defense firm has assumed extensive responsibility in terms of logistics, spare parts, training, and ammunition.

TAI maintains its efforts to extend multidimensional cooperation with Pakistan and to that end has welcomed 15 students from the country’s National University of Science and Technology University – listed among the world’s top 500 science and tech universities.

“The students came to our company and received month-long training, benefiting from the expertise of our engineers. With this project, we have taken future-oriented steps and brought together Turkish and Pakistani youth who will be the decision-makers in future projects,” Demir said.


Just a few weeks ago, another Turkish defense company, ASELSAN (Askeri Elektronik Sanayi, Military Electronic Industries) had decided to establish its offices in Pakistan from January 1, 2020.

Turkey and Pakistan are old allies who have a close and harmonious relationship. The recent consolidation of defense interests signifies a convergence of the national interests of both the nations.


  • We need to develop an indigenous Attack Helicopter — like we developed JF-17 — as per our requirements.
    Even if an attack helicopter is more expensive, it is also much more lethal than a tank — given a choice I would arm each armored corps with an attack helicopter wing, instead of a tank wing.
    Tanks are now obsolete weapons of previous century.

  • Sadly I fear Pakistan is a militaristic society. They complain of Imperialism but tehre is an underlying desire to be Top Dog.
    This was evidenced when Bangladesh sought freedom.
    There is no belief in devolved government. Indeed the extreme elements of Islam are simple bullies.
    They have no concern for toleration or other peoples human rights.
    They subjugate other faiths.
    People who dare to raise questions about Islam are called blasphemers and can risk death by the state or lynch.
    The Pakistani people are hard working and kind.
    Sadly is seems to me their faith is not.
    Why else would this book names as holy called for apostates to be killed?
    Surely true faith and beliefs must be a free choice?
    How am I supposed to respect a faith that bullies and threatens people?
    No I have big questions.
    The Pakistani people deserve a better life with freedom to choose.

    • Why sadly? What has imperialism got to do with being a top dog?
      I really cannot understand why you try so hard, when you do not obviously speak English to come and comment here?
      Indian toadies of Modi’s Social media army — pls stay out of professional publications like Pro-Pakistani and go hound the pathetic social media and yellow journalism of your own country, and stop coming here to comment.
      I know your english maybe good enough to take calls for call centers by changing your names to John and Joe and trying to squeeze out an American accent for tech-support (using Google since most of your techies I meet in Silicon Valley are nothing but duffers of the highest order), but please, the world has wisened up to your two-timing in a big way, including the Americans who are now sick of the fraudulent IRS agents from Washington (who are actually calling from Karnataka) calling to take their social-security numbers.
      Then making stupid assumptions like “devolved government” being better in any way than central government, without understanding what the mechanism of governments are and what eco-system works best where.
      Extreme elements of any religion are bullies, and 90% of all genocides are done by non-muslims — but you probably have not study history, and I have no time to waste to teach it to you, since you obviously have no idea what is coming out of that pot-hole you call mouth.
      “Risk death by state” — are you aware that only one person — yes ONE person in the history of blasphemy law has ever been convicted to death by a court. Yet you have a diarrhea of infantile stupidity to make illogical and un-knowledgeable comments.
      Crowd lynching is current the popular sport of your country India, nit here in Pakistan.
      Any Nation or people are nothing without their faith — and you can see that in the decadence of the countries which have successfully managed to take God out of their lives.
      I do not want to spend more time debating with a person with a lower IQ than a cucumber about such matters as it is akin to tallking to the wall — but for the other readers I am even bothering so much, so that they are no mis-led by half-baked ideas such as yours.
      Who are you anyway? What you respect or not respect means two hoots to us, and you can take what you respect or not respect and keep it with you — no one is bothered about what you respect, since obviously you yourself have very little understanding about the faith that you claim not to respect–otherwise you would have known that there is nothing called freedom in this universe.
      You freedom starts at taking a breath of air, and stops at not taking it for 30 minutes. That is the extent of your freedom. Such a puny creature is a human, and yet talks very big. If you were wise you would know your insignificance.
      Its all relative anyway — one’s freedom can be another’s subjugation — so again, I do not want to waste time with someone who cannot even understand the basics of concept of freedom or for that matter any other simple concepts as is clearly seen by your comments, whether on matters of this world or any others.

  • I am puzzle as to why Pakistan lines itself with dictators e.g. Turkey and China. Pakistan you are sharing technologies with hostile nations that has no desire to see you succeed.

    • Hostile to who? You? Maybe, us, no!
      Infact I cannot understand why Indian Social media paid toadies of Modi’s social media army come here and waste their time.
      I know there are more than 15,000 of you on Indian government payroll, and this is the only job you have, but the rest of us have other jobs, and come to ProPakistani to read articles, not make vile comments against Pakistan, so leave us be, and go and try and resolve your own issues which are breaking apart your country such as CAA

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