Applicants Reject CSS 2020 Date Sheet for Being Unfair

While the candidates are busy preparing for exams, a hectic schedule has irked the Central Superior Services (CSS) applicants, who believe that the Federal Public Service Commission, the body for organizing the tests, has put them in a disadvantageous position.


Govt Decides to Delay Screening Test for CSS Examinations

According to the date sheet, the exams will begin on 12th February and will continue up to 20th February with no breaks in between for candidates to revise the courses.

The candidates believe that instead of accommodating the candidates, the testing body has drafted an unfair schedule.

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Most of the students will have to appear for 12 papers in 6 or 7 days. CSS exams comprise of 6 compulsory and as many optional subjects, making it difficult for the aspirants to rest their mind in between with such a schedule.


Govt to Reform CSS Exams, Will Reduce Age Limit by 2 Years

Earlier, the federal cabinet had rejected the proposal for a screening test, saying that it would be unjust for students from backward areas. Citing the justification for canceling the screening test, the candidates are questioning the time table for exams, terming it even more disadvantageous than the screening test.

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Do you think the CSS 2020 date sheet should be revised? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • Yaar it is unfair, how can a person prepare his mind attempt 2 papers in a day and consecutive 12 papers!?

  • Those responsible for such an exam schedule should be beaten with a stick on their legs and hips.

  • Totally injustice,,,,,,,,essay and preci in one day,,,,,,,,can’t imagine,,,,,,most vulnerable ,,,,,

  • I think it’s in FPSC rules that if they intend to bring ammendments , its obligatory for them to inform the aspirants well before the commencement of exam. This act has dessiminated frustration among the candidates.

  • Yes, it should be revised so that the candidates can have relax and can prepare themselves for the next paper. As it is CSS exam.

  • This is absolutely unacceptable and injustice with students, we are also humans not machine how can you attempt two consecutive papers a day without any relaxation, as it will put more unecessary pressure on student they should think about it should revise the syllabus immediately..

  • This is absolutely unacceptable and injustice with students, we are also humans not machine how can you attempt two consecutive papers a day without any relaxation, as it will put more unecessary pressure on student they should think about it should revise the syllabus immediately..

  • Injustice with inspirants, it’s first time that even 6 compulsory exams will be in 3 days. It should be revised otherwise, bad result will be reason of bad reputation of fpsc

  • It’s my humble request to FPSC that please give a 2-3 days gap between the Compulsory subjects and Optional subjects exams. And i believe that good resulting will increase through this process.

  • I believe that CSS is not like other exams that niether could be prepared within 2 or 3 days nor need to revision during exams. Aspirants must prepare each and every aspect of the subjects before examination. No need to worried about the gaps. A genuine aspirants even does not bother it.

    • If you have to travel two hours in morning and travel same distance back in evening in this weather condition, no proper rest, anxiety will damage your nerves, and you have a backache problem, Kindly do these things in consideration while using word, like a genuine aspirations…

      • I would not hesitate to travel in such conditions If I were a travel lover, like that, CSS aspirants should be a hard doer and would not express any kind of anger, they would also ready to write 3 papers in a day because “no pain no gain” is said for CSS aspirants. My Uncle says a commonplace in Punjabi “Ayashiyan awein e nai hondiyan” So If one wants to be a supreme he would have to face it.

  • Exactly, at least one paper, one day should be enough… I have to travel two hours to reach test center , and travel back same distance… Is it justifiable in this weather condition? Please keeps us in consideration while making datesheet. For God sake don’t be heartless, as we are not appearing in test for playing. Anxiety will not keep us able to deliver properly.

  • Unfair with aspirants i think mind rest is an important factor in such kind of exams css is the exam of humans not robots…how i said how is it possible 2 papers in a single day without rest and revision…

  • It’s not happening for the first time that there will be 2 exams on one day. You can manage if you have the will to manage… Stop nagging please

  • Exam schedule having two papers in a single day can cause heavy mental stress. But being CSS aspirant I would like to suggest my colleagues to start final revision of each subject just twelve days prior to the examination, each day a different subject in a manner like the first paper on last day of revision before exam, similarly second paper on the second last day, third paper on the third last day before exam and so on. Be relax, blow the sticks skilfully and do strategic study. More, nothing can favour you than a good health and fresh mind. Good luck.

  • It is the preparation for superior services not for the post of Clerk or Assistant you have to be a head of department so manage how to prepare and appear in exam because who will be succeeded in it they will have a authority and big bungalow and good salary package and much more even each and everything will pay government till your tooth brush expense and so foods so hardwork is a key to success and you have to manage as I also have appeared in PMS in 2018 but could not success.

  • Yes, It must be revised, we are humans not machines,, Can you all officer sitting in cabinet solve any single question related any of subject ?? NO ….

  • Please REVISE datesheet because in a single day there are two papers and its soo hectic for everyone ..We will not be easily managed every subject

  • Of course it should be revised. It’s against natural as well. Revision of course, at least outline of course is necessary. There is no time for relaxing mind and even just to see course outline for revision.

  • Definitely it should, people with sound knowledge and good preparation would fail due to stress. Govt. should bring reforms and a specific no. of applicants should be able to apply so that they don’t have to use such silly tactics to fail candidates due to limited seats.

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