LUMSU or LUMS? Twitterati Troll University Management With Hilarious Comments

The Lahore University of Management and Sciences will not be abbreviated as LUMS, rather it will now be called LUMSU. Interestingly, the ‘U’ in LUMSU stands for University, essentially meaning that the acronym will now feature the word ‘university’ twice.

The name ‘LUMS University’ is to highlight the educational institute’s evolution to a “comprehensive university offering over 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programs”.


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In an email to students and faculty, the Vice-Chancellor of the university informed about the need to switch to LUMS University.

The management feels that the “disciplinary growth and its comprehensive status is better captured by LUMS University”.

The social media is in fits over the matter and #LUMSU is currently trending on Twitter. Here’s the tweet that got it to trend.

Double trouble.

LUMSU not responding.

Does it?

It didn’t happen, did it?

The name is making everyone talk.

Yeah. What?

LUMSU students are in hiding.

So are LUMSU graduates.

An email has changed it all.

Midlife crisis.

No more boasting.


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Feature Writer

  • It is just like MCB Bank which formerly was Muslim Commercial Bank. MCB is now a brand name.

  • We should not make Joke of Pakistan most liberal university.Graduate of LUMS are Pakistan last hope i hope they hold all government positions in future to change Pakistan.

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