PM Khan Approves Rs. 6 Billion Subsidy for Utility Stores

Prime Minister Imran Khan has officially approved a Rs. 6 billion subsidy package for Utility Stores Corporation (USC). The subsidy will help bring down the prices of essential commodities available at utility stores.

Last month, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) forwarded a summary to PM Khan seeking a grant of Rs. 6 billion for USC.

According to the official notification, which comes into effect immediately, utility stores will retail sugar at Rs. 68 per kg whereas the open market price of one Kg sugar is Rs. 75. Various other essential commodities such as rice, oil, and legumes will be available at a discounted price and much lower than the open market.

In July last year, PM Imran Khan met a delegation of Utility Stores Corporation and ordered them to improve the working standards and enhance the efficiency of the enterprise. PM Khan is also overlooking the revamp process of USC that would turn the enterprise into a world-class organization.

Via: The News