These Weird Tech Gadgets from CES 2020 Will Leave You in Awe

Powerful laptops, expensive cars, glitzy TVs, wacky robots and out of the box smartphones are stars of the show every year at CES. This year was no different. We saw a bewildering parade of weird yet wonderful gadgets at the CES 2020. Many of these devices might not see the light of day, but here we are with the most bizarre gadgets we could find.

Welt Smart Belt Pro

If you think wrist-bound wearables are not enough to track your physical activity, this Welt Smart Belt Pro might be the solution to all your problems. It helps you track your waistline and physical activity by monitoring the way you walk. The company claims that this belt even prevents adults from falling by finding out irregularities in their gait.

If the belt notices something out of the norm, it will send the alert to the user’s phone sometime before the fall takes place. The Company has planned on commercially launching the belt in April 2020. The best part is, this smart belt does not look like a digital device, instead it looks like a typical faux leather belt.

Go Dogo

Are you a dog owner who has to leave the dog home alone for hours every day? It sucks to leave your furry friend all alone, but this newly developed solution might help you with the guilt. Go Dogo is a connected internet system specifically designed for dog owners who want to keep their canines busy when they are not home.

This system promises to provide a proper mental workout for dogs by playing videos and training your dog at the same time. It also comes with cameras that will tell you if your dog is learning something new. Every time the dog listens, it dispenses a treat for positive reinforcement. The device is expected to launch in fall 2020 at a $399 price tag.

InWin Diey

A Chinese PC case maker InWin thought that people might be interested in enclosing their personal computers in large domes with weird flaps, so it came up with the InWin Diey. It is a mechanical system designed to cover the desktop tower in the center with plexiglass flaps. These transparent flaps can scale up like the butterfly wings as well. According to the company, it is meant to protect the PCs while looking like a piece of décor. It really doesn’t look like a piece of décor at all.

Lululab Lumine smart mirror

Invest in the Lululab Lumine smart mirror, and it will tell you everything that is wrong with your face, literally. Several different smart mirrors were displayed at the CES, but this one was the weirdest. It acts like your skincare assistant by analyzing your face. It will find out all the imperfections and will recommend skin products suited for those ‘imperfections.’ The facial analysis is done by a Daft punk-like helmet that beams light on your face.

Bellabot’s food-delivery cat

Next is this meowing, moody bellabot that can carry up to 10 kg of food. It is designed for use in restaurants instead of waiters. It even purrs when you scratch behind the ears upon receiving your order. However, if you scratch it for too long, it gets mad at you because you are interrupting its job. The Bellabot is one of the devices that might never reach the commercial production phase.

Lovot from Groove X

Coming from the Japanese company Groove X, Lovot is a mini robot designed for companionship. This pint-sized robot acts like a mechanical pet and looks like something in between a sloth and a penguin. Lovot has two small arms that waves them around when it wants to be picked up, to dance, or to interact with its owners or other lovots.

The bot was the star of the show at CES 2019 and managed to capture hearts again at CES 2020 with its adorable blinking and cooing. The best part is, Lovot can also act as the cutest security guard since it can be remotely directed to take pictures. It also shows the outline of the living space once Lovot has roamed around enough. You can also get Lovot different colored shirts for everyday wear.

Younglingz Lil Flyer

Travelling is pretty stressful on its own, but with kids, it gets even more complicated. To make things easier for parents, Younglingz has come up with a suitcase that your kids can ride. So, you don’t have to handle the luggage with one had and restrain your child with the other. Just plop your child on the suitcase, and you are good to go. It comes with hand-bars and footrests as well to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

Petit Qoobo

Look like CES cannot get enough of kittens this year. The petit Qoobo is a headless robotic kitten that was showcased by Yukai Engineering. As creepy as it sounds, the Company claims that it is comforting and will warm your heart as animals do. It makes chirping sounds in response to the user’s emotions and can also relay voice and text messages. Moreover, it can monitor door locks, temperature, motion, home activity, and can fit into your bag.

Yukai engineering says, “it’s designed to grow closer to your hearts every day, just as pets do.” Despite all this, honestly, do you want a headless kitten that makes chirping sounds to make you feel loved? Japan has odd tastes.

Anyways, let us know in the comment section what your pick of the weirdest gadget at CES 2020 is.