Fisker Ocean is One of The Cheapest Electric SUVs in The World

A lot of new cars have been announced at this year’s CES, with the American auto company Fisker introducing their new electric SUV, Ocean, which has a solar roof.

The Ocean, according to the company, is the “world’s most sustainable vehicle” and is astonishingly more affordable than a lot of EV cars currently available in the market including the Tesla’ Model X SUV and Model 3 –the Ocean will cost $37,499 –and falls to $29,999 after US federal tax credit, said the automaker.

Henrik Fisker, the CEO of Fisker has claimed that the company is the world’s first “all-digital car company.” The car will be connected to an app that will help owners carry out actions such as car payments and maintenance appointments and display vehicle information, In the future, Fisker plans on incorporating options such as carpooling and ride-hailing into the app.

“Our mission is to become the [number one] e-mobility service provider on Earth, featuring the world’s most desirable and sustainable vehicles while shaking up the old automotive industry model – from the way a customer attains a vehicle, chooses affordable insurance, services a vehicle to the overall mobility experience,” Fisker said in a statement.

Ocean has several parts that were designed to be environmentally friendly. Unlike many cars available in the market, Ocean will have a fully vegan interior with components created from recycled products. Fisker has also collaborated with Electrify America —  which owns one of the biggest networks of electric vehicle charging ports in the US — to make charging the Ocean on-the-go easier.

While the complete performance details are yet to be announced, Fisker has said that the car will be powered by an 80-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack and will do roughly 250-300 miles (400-480 km). In line with its distinctiveness, the car will have various “modes” such as a karaoke mode that syncs the display with the Fisker Flexee app, and a California mode that lowers its nine glass windows and panels.

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