Emirates Announces Huge Discounts on Air Tickets for Pakistani Passengers

Travelers in Pakistan will have fun planning another exciting year of travel with Emirates’ 2020 global fare promotion. Emirates is offering its Pakistani customers special discounts of up to 15% in Economy Class and 20% in Business Class to destinations across its global network.

The discounts cover destinations from Africa, the Middle East, Europe and more. The special fares are applicable for bookings made between 14 and 27 January for travel between 17 January and 30 November 2020.

With return fares starting at only USD 270 in Economy Class or USD 620 in Business Class, travelers have another compelling reason to embark on new adventures in 2020 and plan them in advance.

Below are some of the featured destinations and starting from fares:

Destination Economy Class Fares Business Class Fares
Dubai 270 620
Istanbul 410 1,313
Kuala Lumpur 419 1,072
Bangkok 414 1,043
New York 812 2,143
London 639 1,808
Toronto 905 2,289

Mohammad Sarhan, Emirates’ Vice President Pakistan said:

We know that many people have begun thinking about their travel plans and aspirations for 2020, and we are pleased to add a little more inspiration and incentive to help turn those plans and dreams into reality. Our global destination network across six continents offers something for every traveler, and we are now combining that wide range of travel choices with special rates to offer would-be travelers with an even more appealing value proposition.

Customers across all cabins enjoy 4,500 channels of entertainment on Emirates’ ice system, from the latest movies to TV shows, music and games. Complimentary beverages and regionally inspired meals, as well as the famed hospitality of the airline’s multicultural cabin crew, including crew from Pakistan, make up the airline’s award-winning service.

Emirates also offers a generous baggage allowance of up to 35Kg in Economy Class and 40Kg in Business Class. Passengers across all cabins can stay connected throughout the flight with 20MB of free Wi-Fi data.

Emirates operates 67 weekly flights between Dubai and five cities in Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Sialkot.

From the vibrant and dynamic city of Dubai, Emirates connects its customers to more than 150 destinations in 85 countries and territories including 43 destinations in Europe; 17 in the Americas; 23 in Africa; 13 in the Middle East; and 17 in South Asia.

  • i buy the ticket in well offering by Emirates Air,,, very reasonable Price Return journey,,, Thank you once for Emirates Airline Team and Management,,,

  • There is nothing new and no discounts or low prices while on the other hand the prices are normal as usual with a usual raise in the prices.

  • I wanted to book ticket for UK travel in economy class but the deal was absurd. Baggage allowance of 25kg only, I f you want an isle seat pay another 12 to 2000 rupees extra per seat .

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