Dettol’s ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ Unites Pakistanis for a Healthier, Cleaner Country

Dettol, mother’s most trusted antibacterial brand, launched its social impact vision of ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ to empower citizens to progress towards a cleaner Pakistan. The ‘Safai Anthem’, which was recently launched, features catchy motivational lyrics, focusing on getting citizens involved in a dialogue about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene across the nation.

Cleanliness and hygiene are basic human needs but are low on the priority list for Pakistanis. Dettol, through Hoga Saaf Pakistan, is bringing the cleanliness narrative to the forefront with the aim for a better and healthier Pakistan.

Music is an impactful way to mobilize the masses – Hoga Saaf Pakistan is not just a social cause that a brand supports, it’s a social movement Dettol is leading to bring the conversation around cleanliness to the forefront…this anthem is yet another attempt to mobilize Pakistanis so they unite and take responsibility for a healthier, cleaner Pakistan!

Dettol’s ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’, has been working towards developing a Saaf Pakistan through several TV shows, public service messages, iconic clean-up drives, celebrity supporters and handwashing awareness programs. The movement is also Dettol and ARY’s contribution to Prime Minister’s ‘Clean Green Pakistan’ initiative.

So far, the song (‘Safai Anthem’) has garnered more than 11 Million views on all digital platforms. The brand fully living and leading its purpose has also launched targeted programs for educating kids on personal hygiene in schools, educating rural masses on general hygiene and educating pregnant women on how to have a healthy pregnancy birth and keep their baby healthy.

These countrywide programs have reached over 2 million school going kids, 500 rural villages and 140, 000 mothers respectively as they raise awareness on hygiene and cleanliness exponentially. With such an initiative, Dettol continues to create a shared vision amongst Pakistanis while encouraging them to take on shared responsibility in this much-needed cause.