Govt Launches Digital Pakistan Internship Portal to Automate Hiring

On Wednesday, the federal government launched the Digital Pakistan Internship Portal to boost the IT industry in the country.

Shoaib Ahmad Siddique, Federal Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MOITT), formally launched the portal.

The Internship Portal will not only automate the hiring process for tech companies but it would also help bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Digital Pakistan Internship Portal aims to converge the country’s IT industry, universities, and graduates on a single platform, which will result in increased collaboration and cooperation between the entities.

MOITT has designed the portal in a way that tech companies can post industry-related problems on it. IT students would then solve these problems by directly collaborating with the tech companies. It will not only increase the students’ knowledge, but they will be industry-ready by the time they graduate.

Addressing the launch ceremony, Secretary MOITT said that Digital Pakistan Internship Portal is the first step in the right direction. The move will eliminate the impediments to the growth of Pakistan’s IT sector.

The incumbent government has undertaken different initiatives to uplift the IT industry of the country with the most notable one being the Digital Pakistan Program launched last month, said Secretary MOITT.

Shoaib acknowledged the talent Pakistan’s youngsters possess and said that youth makes up a big part of the country’s population. It is imperative to utilize the talent of the younger population in a way that they can play a constructive role in the development of the country.

  • sounds like a freelancing portal where they take advantage of students. if they have the skills they will prefer to earn money for them using international portals. why would they work for free in the hope of earning rupees when they can earn dollars straight away?

    • I guess, No international portal will give opportunity to students to get experience, I am in IT field and I know, someone who has experience, only he get job or freelance work, There are 1000’s of fresh graduations who are not getting opportunity to learn in software industry. This initiative will definitely help IT graduates to get experience on real-time project, once they did it, they have a lot of opportunities to earn in local market and in Freelancing.

  • If the government wants to improve digital literacy in Pakistan it should look at the UK’s efforts in the 80s. It requires a comprehensive national computer literacy program. You can’t expect people to start solving problems when they don’t even know the basics.

    • They are providing the internships for the University students and literate people so they must know the basics

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