Pakistan and Egypt to Support Each Other in Tourism and Culture

​Pakistan’s top industrialists, businessmen, traders and other people from Pakistan’s business and civil community left Pakistan on a seven-day tour to Egypt.

The group comprises of 34 industrialists and 35 businessmen, moreover 1 high court judge and 3 media persons are also part of the group.

Egyptian ambassador, Ahmed Fadel Yacoub, saw the group off at the embassy. On the occasion, the ambassador said that Pakistan and Egypt have a strong bond and we are looking forward to promoting tourism.

The ambassador further said that 10,000 visas were issued to Pakistanis last year, and hoped that Egypt will see an increase in this number.

Pakistan enjoys warm relations with Egypt. Egyptian government earns a significant amount of its foreign exchange from tourism. The Pakistani government, which is currently focusing on tourism boost, can learn a lot from Egypt in this regard.

Egypt, due to its historical and cultural importance saw 10 million tourists alone in 2019. Businessmen further expressed that 1,000 top business individuals and heads would be visiting Egypt this year.