Irony: Robbers Apologize to The Victim During Escape

In an unusual incident, two armed men reportedly robbed a local grocery store at Sharifabad, Karachi and asked the owner to forgive them as they are committing the crime out of necessity.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Sunday morning after Atique, the shop owner, opened the store. Not only did the robbers take away 20 kg of flour, 10 kg pulses, and 10 kg of cooking oil, they also took the Mobile Phones and cash from the workers at gunpoint.

While fleeing, the armed men apologized to the shop owner and said:

We would not have done such a terrible thing if we were not forced by our needs. We are in dire need and this is the first time we are doing this.

According to the shop owner, both men were young and did not cover their faces.

The owner has lodged a complaint against the robbers and the police have started an investigation into the matter.

  • According to Islamic law if the people are forced to rob and kill just to survive and feed themselves then it’s not the people’s crime or fault, it’s the government’s.

    Kahan gai Medina ki riyasat?

    • IK himself and all the federal and provincial ministers should be punished for this crime. Register this FIR against them.

  • They should not have taken mobile phones from workers or cash from them. Workers are also not millionaires.
    Also two young men could do anything little but legal for basic needs. No excuse. What is wrong is wrong.

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