Pakistan Can Now Diagnose Coronavirus Locally

Coronavirus has been making headlines across the globe, and a number of countries have confirmed cases of the deadly virus.

The mysterious virus has been a huge worry for Pakistan especially due to the number of Pakistanis in China and vice versa. Due to this, and the lack of preparedness by health authorities, a wave of fear is troubling the masses throughout the country.


CPEC Engineers Advised to Stay in China Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

However, the Minister of State for Health, Zafar Mirza, has shared some good news with the nation from his Twitter account. He claims that Pakistan has finally got the mechanism to diagnose Coronavirus.

As of today, we have now capability of diagnosing Coronarivus in Pakistan.

The former Director of Health System of the World Health Organization (WHO) also applauded the efforts of the team at the National Institute of Health (NIH) to secure the reagent for diagnosing the virus.

The citizens are hoping for more clarity on containing the Coronavirus amid a global outcry. We’ll keep you posted about any updates on the matter.

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