China to Supply Pesticide and Equipment to Deal With Locusts

China has assured Pakistan that it will supply pesticides and spraying equipment to Pakistan to combat the locust attack.

This was mentioned by the ambassador of China, Yao Jing on Tuesday. The Ambassador called on Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar.

The minister apprised the ambassador about the requirement of pesticides and aerial support to control the locust in Pakistan particularly Sindh and Balochistan.  The federal minister also underlined the importance of the measures taken by neighboring countries to control locust as these insects keep moving to bigger areas.

Khusro Bakhtiar informed the ambassador about the requirement of aerial support from China to curtail the production of locust in vulnerable areas. He underscored the urgent need for aerial support with pesticides to contain the locust in the deserts.

The ambassador said that China will consider supplying pesticides and spraying equipment to Pakistan as an emergency project.

He also told the minister that China will send a delegation comprising technical experts to Pakistan next week to further deliberate on aerial management of locusts. “The delegation will visit the locust-affected areas,” he said

China to Increase Agricultural Imports From Pakistan

The Chinese ambassador further stated that China is interested in increasing the import of agricultural products from Pakistan including onion, potato, and meat.

The ambassador informed that China wanted to ease out the export of these products before the high-level visit expected in May 2020.

The federal minister welcomed the Chinese interest in the import of agricultural products. Bakhtiar acknowledged the proactiveness of China to support Pakistan in dealing with the locust issue and said that it shows the strength of the Pak-China relationship.