Orange Line Fare Needs to be Rs. 285 Per Head to Avoid Any Losses: Gill

Punjab cabinet has decided against bearing a multi-billion rupee subsidy every year on the Orange Line Metro Train. The matter was discussed in detail when the cabinet met on Tuesday with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in the chair.

It was, however, decided that sparing Rs. 10 billion a year for such a ‘white elephant’ project will be injustice with the poor masses of the province. The matter was then referred back to Punjab Assembly for further deliberation.


Punjab Govt Decides Orange Line Train Fare

CM Buzdar announced the news on his Twitter handle.

Even if the ticket price is kept at Rs. 60 per trip, the government will have to pay a subsidy of Rs. 10 billion each year to bear the operational and management cost of the Orange Line Project.

Loan repayment detailed are not included, he mentioned.

“Do we run government schools and hospitals with the money or a 27-kilometer metro train?” he maintained, adding that the matter has been sent to the public representatives for a decision.


Lahore Orange Line Metro Train to Become Operational in March 2020

Earlier in a TV show, former spokesperson for CM Buzdar, Shahbaz Gill, revealed that the government will have to fix the ticket fare at Rs. 285 per head to run Orange Train without any loss. Even in this case, Rs. 6.5 billion alone will go in the interest payment on the debt obtained for the project.

It should be noted that the train is currently undergoing a trial run, which will be completed this month. The project is expected to be open to the public by March 23, 2020.

  • Other cities should start this service as well and less money should be spend on dysfunctional government

  • My humble suggestion to punjab government is that the nation is already crippled under taxes and poverty (inflation) so if the government cannot provide orange train services cheaper than better run it for tour-de-punjab purposes and set the ticket to Rs 1000 per individual. Maybe tourist services can help government to ease its orange line financial burden. Sooner or later either this service will be stopped or the fare will go to such extent that only limited class will afford it.

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