Naya Nazimabad Maintains Its Status As a Leased Housing Society: Official

The management of Naya Nazimabad has refuted an allegation about canceling the leased status of the housing scheme by the concerned department, which eventually stopped the rumors on social media.

Naya Nazimabad, a housing project of Javedan Corporation Limited (JCL), is the only gated, master-planned project of this scale, with provision for world-class amenities. Currently, 6,000 units are owned by members of the general public.

An official statement by the company says:

Ownership title of Naya Nazimabad land is absolute, lawful, clean and clear as concluded in investigations conducted by courts and several government agencies including Board of Revenue, NAB, and FIA from time to time. It is important to note that the land presently owned by the company has been in its possession since its nationalization through Economic Reforms Order of 1972. All activities undertaken by Javedan Corporation Limited (JCL) including hill cutting, land leveling, infrastructure development, construction, sale, and transfer bear perfect requisite approvals by the Board of Revenue (BOR), Lyari Development Authority (LDA) and Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA).

The statement further read that Gath/Wadh (survey) form 35, which merely states land measurement and has no bearing on the title, was created through the proper procedure. Its cancellation was illegal and hence it was subsequently restored. Its genuineness is evident from several reports and documents of BOR.

”It is noted with disappointment that DC West, despite having access to all records and information, has chosen to misrepresent facts and commit contempt against clear instructions as per the restraining orders of the Honorable Sindh High Court dated February 11, 2020,” said the issued letter.

The statement issued by DC West was spread swiftly on the social media platforms, causing a wave of panic among owners of housing units in the scheme, including overseas and middle-classed Pakistanis.

The rumors not only caused panic among the general masses but it also spread mistrust among the public on the developers of the housing schemes as recently a couple of mega housing societies betrayed the trust of the buyers with their exploited policies.

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