CEO BlueEast Made Everyone Pause & Consider the New Era of Digital Marketing at the World Marketing Summit 2020

We are all living in the age of technology, in a world that is constantly changing and evolving to a more digital form every day. Most of us spend at least 12 hours on any digital device throughout our day.

This hyper digitalization is what fuels most of the industries now, especially marketing. This was the focal point of BlueEast’s CEO, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat’s speech at the World Marketing Summit 2020.

Digital marketing is a vast field and one that is continuously moving in a new direction. Mr. Talat discussed the importance of multisensory branding and how it is being used in the new marketing trends around the globe.

He discussed how we attach the utmost importance to real and tangible experiences. It is the sensory perceptions that drive feelings and leave a long-lasting impact on the consumers. Eventually, this multisensory perception is what affects behavior.

A number of examples of brands that are utilizing this tactic were also given. Whether it is Apple concept stores or Starbucks who are targeting visual, auditory, tangible and olfactory senses, he covered them all.

Personal branding and the use of AI in connecting and interacting with consumers was also discussed. Mr. Abdul Rehman put forth brilliant points of how AI is affecting and can affect marketing in Pakistan and how important it is to establish a personal and relatable brand through AI, which is his passion as well.

Using IoT and AI to progress towards a smarter Pakistan was his motivation that led to the launch of BlueEast after quite a few years of struggle.

The use of Virtual, Augmented, Mixed and Extended Reality was also discussed as well as how marketing is evolving due to the digital natives or Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Mr. Abdul Rehman was convinced that brands and companies needed to focus on three implications of this generation.

  • Access in place of possession
  • Individual identity of the brand and
  • Ethical concerns for a generation that is ready to mobilize and fight for what they believe is right.

At the end of the discussion, he put forth his views regarding how Big Data is transforming digital marketing and reforming the age-old practices as brands analyze what is driving the consumers towards or away from them.

The panel discussion was very enlightening and a great learning curve for all the attendees and the audience who were left to ponder the implications of technology and how digital marketing is ready to affect branding.