PIA Warns Cabin Crew for Ignoring Coronavirus Guidelines

Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) management has issued a “Letter of Warning” to the cabin crew of flight PK-728 after they failed to furnish health declaration forms to onboard passengers.

Station manager at the Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar reported the incident to the PIA authorities on 28 February.


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According to the letter, the cabin crew of PK-782 violated safety instructions by not distributing the forms and has been found non-compliant with the enforced measures.

PIA authorities expressed great concern over the negligence of the cabin crew as it does not follow the measures enforced by the health ministry to curb the coronavirus from spreading, states the letter.

PIA’s management has made it clear that the reoccurrence of any similar incident will not be tolerated.

The cabin crew of PK-728, are therefore, warned with the issuance this Letter of Warning to be very vigilant in future any reoccurrence in this regard will not be accepted, this letter will be placed in your personal file.


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Health Declaration Forms

Aviation Secretary, Hassan Nasir Jamy, made it mandatory for all passengers to fill out a health declaration form after the confirmation of coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

The passengers have to provide their contact details and previous travel history through the forms for the authorities to contain the virus from spreading further in the country.

Via: ARY