13,000 Schools in Sindh Are Closed Due to Staff Shortage

In an unsettling development, Education Minister of Sindh, Saeed Ghani, has apprised the Sindh High Court (SHC) that more than 13,000 public schools are non-functional due to an acute staff shortage.

The Minister submitted an official report regarding the quality of public schools in Sindh to the SHC’s Circuit Bench at Hyderabad.

According to the report, there are more than 49,000 government-run schools in Sindh.

However, 13,000 have been closed for some time now as the provincial government is facing a shortage of 37,000 teachers.

SHC has ordered the Minister to make the schools functional and recruit the required number of teachers as soon as possible.

SHC reportedly lambasted the Minister for his apathy and indifference towards a grave matter of public importance.

While addressing the media outside the Circuit Bench, a visibly rattled Saeed Ghani said:

We don’t have a magic wand that can improve the condition of all schools at once.

Via: The News

  • obviously that so called minister is not cut out for that job…where is his replacement?

  • You are ruling on Sindh for decades. You are not sincere with Sindh. You are sincere with your seats and your victory in election. Staff shortage is not the statement of the powerful Govt who has rights to rule on people. You should withdraw from seats with all PPP seats from Sindh. You have not done anything about people education. You have destroyed our education systems. You made us just dumb and illiterate people. You all have corruptions scandal. How disgusting people are you!

  • This is not your priority. Sindh is the worst governed with systematised corruption. After eighteen amendment health and education are the worst sufferers.

  • The cheating carried out during exams which could not be stopped by CM shows their interest and governance.
    Chairman HEC twice chosen by this government is under investigation for corruption and is not qualified enough to be on such an academic post. He is also being blamed for destroying PMDC.

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