Was This Aurat March Placard Offensive or Necessary?

Women across Pakistan struggle with agency, constantly being told what they can and cannot do, what is and isn’t deemed appropriate, and where they are and aren’t supposed to go. But times are changing and women have started taking matters into their own hands, setting out on nationwide expeditions and experiencing their land like never before.

Pakistan is a beautiful country, with magnificent mountains in the North, scenic sights in the South and an abundance of hospitable hosts. It’s a country known for many things, but gender parity isn’t one of them. Aurat March 2020 saw people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and ethnicities come together to rally for the rights of women and other marginalized genders. But between all the slogans and placards on display, one really stood out.

“Shaadi ke baad jana” is a statement backed up by years and years of misconceptions which are now treated as facts. But today, the idea that women need to be married, or be accompanied by a man, in order to travel, just isn’t valid. In the recent past, we’ve seen women riding motorcycles across the country, scaling the tallest mountains and sharing their travel journeys with the world.

Read more about some of these incredible women here!

These women, among countless others, are proving that travel isn’t confined to one gender or community, because travel is, and always has been, for everyone.

This placard also caught the attention of some local travel brands including FindMyAdventure (FMA), who have organized all-girls trips to facilitate women who feel safer with other women around them while offering insurance to all customers to fight the stigma that travel in Pakistan is unsafe. FMA boasts a client base having many solo female travelers who vouch for their services and are constantly helping them prove that women in Pakistan can, should and will travel.

The taboos associated with female travel such as that of safety and the ‘loag kia kahengay’ factor, have held women back from traveling for far too long. All of us, irrespective of our gender, have the ability to see the world, to experience new places, and to live richer lives. It’s about time we started living them.

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  • Shadi k baad Jana is not imposed by society it’s in our religion that a woman must not travel without mehram to a certain distance, and it’s my firm believe that whatever our Prophet has said is in our best benefits. But people here are selling their “churun” in deception of liberating women.

    • Propakistani sister site “Lens” supporting this fas-sadi march. They are publishing articles in support of fas-sadi march.

  • May be She wanted to go on Europe trip with her friends but her parents refused. Unhon ne Dilwale dulhania le jayn Gy dekh leho gi.. .

  • My sweet sister keep read Quran with translation of English or Urdu. Allah ap ko or hum hai hadit de Ameen

  • Aurat March was a paid protest to promote vulgarity and ISLAM ensured all rights of women.
    Vulgarity and adultery is prohibited is ISLAM, no any need To MARCH but if needed is just to follow ISLAM as QURAN teaches us and PROPHET and his companions performed practically.
    SOLUTION of every problem is ISLAM
    Western countries are adopting our culture as well as our religion.
    Glamour is not success but peace of mind is an achievement

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