Pakistan’s 1st Walkthrough Sanitizer Installed in Jhang

District administration of Jhang has set up Pakistan’s first walkthrough sanitizer at the entrance of a fruit and vegetable market.

According to Deputy Commissioner (DC) Jhang Muhammad Tahir Wattoo, Pakistan has now become the third country after the US and Turkey which has installed walkthrough sanitizers to disinfect the masses.

Jhang’s administration has opted to set up the facility at the fruit and vegetable market because thousands of residents head there to buy essential food items every day. As essential businesses such as fruit and vegetable markets have been granted an exemption during the ongoing lockdown, the visitors going there are at increased risk to the highly contagious Coronavirus.

How it Works

The walkthrough sanitizer has a simple design. Its frame is made out of iron pipes and fiberglass sheets cover it from the outside. It has been built at a cost of Rs. 175,000 within 6 hours.

With the help of an electric motor, chlorinated water from a tank placed next to the sanitizer is sprayed on the visitors through small nozzles inside the iron frame.

The extremely narrow openings of the nozzles convert the chlorinated water to vapors which cover each person moving through the sanitizer, which allows a number of visitors to move in and out of the sanitizer simultaneously.

DC Jhang aims to set up similar facilities outside banks, medical stores, grocery shops, and other public places that are exempted from closure to help minimize the spread of Coronavirus.

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