Two More PIA Crew Members Test Positive for Coronavirus

Two more crew members of Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) Toronto returned flights have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Punjab Health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, confirmed this on Monday.

All five members of the PIA flight that returned from Canada have tested positive.

All of them have been shifted to isolation wards in a private hospital and are receiving due medical attention.


PIA Boycotts Flights from Karachi After Sindh Govt Fiasco

Earlier on Monday, a female flight attendant, along with two pilots of the same flight, was confirmed to have contracted the virus. The Toronto-bound special flight had taken off from Pakistan early in April and returned on Sunday, April 5 after being stranded there for a few days.

In a separate development, four crew members of a London-returned PIA plane were forcefully shifted to quarantine on Sunday. The incident occurred at Karachi airport where Sindh health officials forced the PIA crew to leave the plane and shift to quarantine.


Two PIA Pilots Test Positive for COVID-19

An hour after the incident, Pakistan Airline Pilot Association (PALPA) asked its members to stop flight operations. The spokesperson of the association said that the Sindh government’s handling crew members were unfair and against the Government of Pakistan’s SOPs.

PIA CEO, Air Marshal Arshad Malik, intervened and announced to shift flight operations from Karachi to Lahore Airport.