Shifa International Hospital Starts COVID-19 Testing in Islamabad

Shifa International Hospital has become first private sector hospital in Islamabad to offer COVID-19 testing for the public. This also makes the hospital the first private testing facility for Pakistanis in the north region.

According to details available with ProPakistani, the testing facility is separate from the hospital facility and follows all international standards to ensure the safety of staff and the patients from each other.

A Shifa Intentional Spokesperson confirmed the development to ProPakistani and said that the hospital procured sophisticated and authentic fully automated PCR testing by Roche Diagnostic, a US-based company that’s known for developing one of the most authentic machines to test COVID-19.

Shifa’s coronavirus testing facility is set up across the main hospital building in open air to ensure the safety of everyone.

“We will ensure that patients who are coming in for testing are sufficiently separated from each other”, said the official.

The price of the Coronavirus test at Shifa International Hospital is set at PKR 7,700 and results are returned within six hours if test is conducted before 11 AM, and with-in 24 hours if conducted after 11 AM.

Patients, as per the official, are communicated the test results over phone calls.

Shifa International is also offering tele-consultancy to those who test positive.

People who test positive at Shifa Hospital will be allowed to avail tele-consultancy services or choose a service facility (from the government sector) for quarantining.

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