Situation Report: 520 New Cases, 17 Deaths Reported in Last 24 Hours

Pakistan saw a surge in Coronavirus positive cases on April 15th, 2020, as the country added 520 new cases to reach a total of 6,505 COVID-19 cases in the country.

Of new cases, 272 were reported from Punjab only. With new additions, daily toll remains the second highest daily rise since the beginning of outbreak in mid March.

Pakistan also reported its highest deaths due to Coronavirus related complication since emergence of virus in the country. A total of 17 deaths were reported on April 15th, with 6 fatalities each from Sindh and Punjab while another 4 patients died in KP.

Death numbers have surged during past few days as coronavirus related deaths stayed in double figure and 52 out of 124 deaths were reported during past five days only. If the rate remains same, then deaths in the country could double in seven days.

After yesterday’s revelation that Pakistan could be under-reporting the deaths, as some patients were brought dead to the hospital or they died with-in few hours and were never tested for COVID-19, serious concerns are raised and its feared that reported cases aren’t the true indicator of severity of disease in the country.

Even when not factored in those unaccounted deaths, the rate seems to be rising and a growing number in both positive cases and deaths is quite alarming for the country that relaxed the lock-down and resumed some businesses just two days ago.

Total number of recovered patients reached 1,645; hospitalizations also remained stable and stood at 1,370.

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