Toyota to Launch A Hatchback Variant of Corolla

The Toyota Corolla, one of the Japanese car maker’s biggest hits across the globe, is getting an all-new hatchback variant to go along with the traditional model.

The company has announced the introduction of smaller SUV and bigger hot hatch variants. It will have multiple variants including GR Corolla, C-HR, GR-S and C-HR GR Sport. The first one is for regular customers and the others are the sports variants of the hatchback.

As per reports it will be powered by the new turbocharged 1.6L three-cylinder engine that was created for the new GR Yaris. Although, the Corolla will have more power and torque than the Yaris as the company seeks to compete against Golf GTI and others. It will churn out 257Hp and a torque of 266 pound-feet.

It will be fitted with an all-wheel drive coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission connected with a multi-link suspension and adaptive suspension. It is said to have a stiffer suspension, larger brakes and bigger wheels to help make it a stable car with a stronger road grip.

To help save weight, it will have multiple weight-saving features such as a carbon-fiber and usage of lightweight composites, that will allow it to do 100Km/h in under  5 seconds and a top speed of 260Km/h.

It is expected to hit the market in 2022 with an expected price of $30,000. It might come to the local market as well!

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  • oh chawal propakistani people.. toyota hatchback was launched well before its sedan version. naqal k liay bhi aqal ki zaroorat hoti hai, bas kahee pe article dekha aur chaap dia bagher sochay samjhay.

    they are launching GR version now… hatchback to us waqt se hai jab in sahab ne article chapnay shuroo bhi nahi kiay thay

  • “It will have multiple variants including GR Corolla, C-HR, GR-S and C-HR GR Sport”

    What does C-HR has to do with Corolla? RIP ProPakistani… best example of how you can publish trash and still get traffic

  • What a chawal tareen article. It might come to local market as well? What kind of weed are you on? I agree with the comments already posted by other members.

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